Singer-songwriter Milck saw her song “Quiet” spread far and wide following the Women’s March in Washington D.C. a year ago, when tens of thousands of incensed women embraced the tune as an anthem and call to action.

Now, in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment and assault against prominent Hollywood power players, Milck — herself a survivor of sexual assault — is releasing a new version of “Quiet” featuring vocals by real-life survivors.

To accompany the new track, the artist and Atlantic Records COO Julie Greenwald wrote letters addressed to the world at large. Read them both below:

Letter from Milck:

Hi, friends and family. Hope everyone is doing well during these unpredictable times. In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandals sparking a massive movement of women and survivors speaking out against sexual assault, I find myself in awe and moved to my core. Since the age of 14 I’ve survived several acts of sexual assault. For years, I blamed myself and secretly carried the shame. When I did realize it wasn’t my fault and that I deserve to heal, I wrote a song called “Quiet,” which went viral after I sang it with a choir on the streets @ the D.C. Women’s March.

Since then I have teamed up with Atlantic Records to create a hopeful, new version that incorporates survivors singing with me. I’ve seen this song help survivors speak out after the Women’s March, and I believe that the new version has the power to encourage and empower all those thinking of coming forward at this time.

Even though I was planning to release this new version of “Quiet” in January, I believe the movement is happening now, and I want to support those breaking the silence by releasing “Quiet” early. I’m deeply moved Julie Greenwald @ Atlantic is standing beside me through this change of plan. She understands that it’s my gesture of support & encouragement to all the survivors rising. It’s my musical #METOO.

I hope you’ll listen and consider standing with us as well. Thank you so much for reading!!

Letter from Julie Greenwald:

Dear Friend,

Last January I had the amazing experience of chartering a bus to take my daughter and a bunch of my Atlantic crew from New York to the Women’s March in DC. We shared a common goal: to stand up against all forms of injustice and unite with others to make our voices heard.

We later discovered an incredible singer and songwriter, Connie Lim – aka MILCK. She was also at the Women’s March, where she captivated and empowered people with her moving anthem, “Quiet.”

Sometimes, it takes a song to fully encapsulate our feelings and inspire us to heal and move forward in solidarity. And with everything going on in this country and around the world, this song has been bringing strength, courage and comfort to people everywhere.

When artists use their gifts to speak out against oppression and stand up for social change, dignity and respect, the effect can be extraordinary. So I’m grateful and extremely proud to be able to share this powerful song in this all-important moment. Attached is the song and video.

I am also proud to be running a music company full of strong women. But I know it’s not easy being a woman in the entertainment business. It never has been, and we have to have each other’s backs as we gain strength through our collective voice. 

This is not a time for quiet… it is a time to speak out.

Julie Greenwald
COO Atlantic Records