Chester Bennington’s ex-wife criticized those who organized the late singer’s funeral in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Samantha Bennington claimed she and Chester’s son Draven were excluded from the service and post-funeral events. The musician died on July 20 after he was found hanging in the bedroom of his L.A. home. More than 500 family members and close friends, including his Linkin Park bandmates and other musicians whom he has shared the stage with, attended a private funeral in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., in July.

“I’m so disgusted on so many levels!” she wrote in her post. “My son & I have not had an opportunity to speak, not even at his funeral (that only represented his life that he was married to his new wife) no photos but one of him anywhere.”

Samantha, who was married to Chester from 1996 until their rocky divorce in 2005, asserted the memorial focused too heavily on his musical persona and not enough on his family life.

“It was a disgusting delusional display on all people who spoke at the funeral & their characters. Never mentioning a man who grew up from a little boy and loved many things, becoming a rock star was just one thing!” she continued. “Why did the program look like a cheap happy hour menu?! I’m so disgusted on so many levels! Their were many friends & family that should have been there but when you turn a funeral into reducing someone’s life into only 12 years that’s what you get!”

In the post, she said Chester’s widow, Talinda Bennington, didn’t divulge any funeral arrangements. She also said other family members were not invited. “His parents both were not there (meaning his dad-both parents) mother was there for clarification , & his parents were not mentioned in the program, his siblings were not mentioned, the mothers of his children were not mentioned, even his own children were not listed on the program!”

She also dismissed rumors that she kept her son away from his siblings. “Dra was never treated equally by T & never wanted to go there because of that,” she said. “Now because he doesn’t want to go into the home where his father’s suicide took place, the rumors of me keeping my son from his siblings couldn’t be further from the truth!”

Samantha and Draven still haven’t been able to honor Chester’s life, she lamented. “It doesn’t matter if I’m ex wife or new wife or ex girlfriend,” Samantha said. “He choose to be with all of us, have children, & this isn’t a blaming game. He is ultimately responsible.”

“I hope you like capitalizing on his death,” she concluded. “Karma is real. I send you back all your energy to you a thousand time folds! Look in the mirror, I hope you like what you see. Business is business but I see zero love.”