Bob Seger today announced the release of his 18th studio album, “I Knew You When” on Nov. 17. The album includes tributes to Seger’s recently departed contemporaries Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen and Glenn Frey, the latter of whom was a decades-long friend (and can be heard singing very loud background vocals on Seger’s breakthrough 1969 single, “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man”). The album is dedicated to Frey’s memory and features a Seger-penned tribute called “Glenn Song.”

The album’s lead single is a version of Reed’s 1989 song “Busload of Faith,” and a cover of Cohen’s “Democracy” is featured as well.

Seger has been inducted in both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame and has earned 13 platinum and 7 multi-platinum. He was one of the last major streaming holdouts but announced earlier this year that he will gradually release his entire catalog onto the platforms.

“I Knew You When” track list
1. Gracile (2:48)
2. Busload of Faith (4:32)
3. The Highway (3:38)
4. I Knew You When (3:53)
5. I’ll Remember You (3:48)
6. The Sea Inside (4:14)
7. Marie (3:26)
8. Runaway Train (4:10)
9. Something More (3:47)
10. Democracy (6:32)
11. Forward Into The Past (4:12) (Deluxe Album only)
12. Blue Ridge (3:50) (Deluxe Album only)
13. Glenn Song (2:49) (Deluxe Album only)

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