BMG has launched a full-service international sound agency.

Named BMG Production Music, the agency brings together BMG’s “extensive interests in one-stop, pre-cleared and custom production music services,” Monday’s press release read.

“Bringing our extensive production music interests together under the BMG Production Music banner symbolizes the importance of production music within BMG, and signals our commitment to this growing sector,” said BMG CFO Maximillian Dressendoerfer.

The new operation includes offices in LA, Nashville, London, Berlin and Hilversum (Netherlands), with custom scoring studios in LA and London locations. The operation will serve film, broadcast, games, corporate film, and advertising markets.

Global creative teams will offer music searching and project supervision, and an internationally curated catalog accessible online, consisting of around 400,000 tracks spanning all genres.

Mitch Lijewski will serve as the regional head for the US, Farah Hasan for the UK, and Paul Gulmans for Benelux & Germany. The three heads will work under the creative direction of LA-based SVP Production Music Mitch Lijewski, reporting to Managing Director Geert-Willem Koolhof.

Said Koolhof, “We are ambitious to grow our production music business, but we will define our success not in terms of market share, but in terms of our service to writers and to music users.”