In a comedy video for Super Deluxe released today, former Dirty Projectors singer Amber Coffman stitches dozens of Ivanka Trump quotations into a song slamming the president, which she sings in a dead-on imitation of Lana Del Rey.

“My father is the opposite of a man, it’s almost impossible to love him,” the lyrics, written/assembled by Nick Lutsko, read in part. “His refusal to take no for an answer is a massive issue for women/ He is now the fastest growing cancer on a global scale.”

The video, directed by Super Deluxe’s Jesse Benjamin, is equally remarkable, matching Ivanka’s quotes to Coffman’s vocals via quick edits and occasionally slowed-down footage. Coffman sings the song in Del Rey’s signature languid tone, accompanied by swooning synthesizers and the trap-influenced beats that have marked her last three albums.

Inevitably, the video ends with Trump greeting his daughter after her speech at the Republican primary, putting both of his hands on her waist.

Del Rey, currently on tour in England, had not commented on the video at press time, but given her past comments about the president, it seems likely that she will. Earlier this year she tweeted out a series of cryptic dates that turned out to be “waning crescent moon ritual dates” on which witches plan on casting a “binding” ritual over Trump, in an effort to remove him from office. Del Rey later (sort of) confirmed that she was casting spells on the president.

Coffman released her solo debut, “City of No Reply,” on Columbia in June.