Adele Cancels Final Two Shows of Tour: ‘I’m Sorry. I’m Devastated’

Adele Grammys George Michael tribute
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Adele has canceled the final two shows of her tour, she announced in an emotional Facebook post on Friday, revealing that she’s damaged her vocal cords.

“On medical advice I simply am unable to perform over the weekend,” she wrote. “To say I’m heart broken would be a complete understatement.”

The news follows two consecutive nights performed at Wembley Stadium (June 28 and 29), during which Adele was poised to attendance records at the London venue. According to British industry trade Music Week, 100,000 fans per night were expected. The previous year, Adele played eight shows at the city’s O2 arena.

The singer had inserted copies of a handwritten note into the tour program for the first two nights of her Wembley bow. One of the notes implied that Adele may never tour again.


Adele Grammys performance

Adele Says She May Never Tour Again on First Night of Wembley ‘Finale’

The Wembley dates mark the end of a world tour that has hit multiple continents, including North America (where a 2016 show in Phoenix was postponed, due to illness), Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

In the letter posted on Adele’s official social media channels, the singer writes that she was “so desperate” to finish out the run that she’d “even considered miming,” aka lip-synching.

In total, Adele has performed 121 shows on this run. If the July 1 and 2 Wembley dates are not rescheduled, refunds will be offered, the singer stated.

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    1. Vincent Ruvo says:

      It’s way too young to retire! She should just take a long break!

    2. Denise Jackson says:

      Take care of yourself Adele. The world will still be here for you to finished those last 2 shows when you’re healed and back to yourself. You have to think of you health and your family. We love you and you’re a class act !

    3. jaeson says:

      It is sad that she had to cancel, but quite frankly I’m far more concerned for her career and vocal cords than if she had to scratch two concerts. We don’t want her turning into Bono- his voice is gone. Adele needs to take care of herself and do some studio time then maybe do shorter tours in about a decade. Getting more music in the long run is more important.

    4. Hoping her vocal coach and doctor can set her right again! Some singers schedule several big nights from time to time rather than putting themselves through the rigors of a long tour. With voice rest and careful technique, a singer can continue to perform for a long, long time. :)

    5. Bob says:

      Her last tour ever? Right, how many dozens of name acts have said that, only to have multiple tours after that.

      • The way she sings is actually very hard on her vocal folds. She had surgery on them a few years ago. My partner, who has a doctorate in Voice, heard her on the radio for the first time about 6 years ago. I distinctly remember it. When the song was over she turned to me and said “if she keeps singing like that she’s going to ruin her voice.”

        So it’s completely plausible that she will never sing a big venue ever again.

        • The Truth says:

          Adele has been reluctant to embrace the type of training required to keep her voice healthy throughout an extensive tour. She believes that the cord-damaging techniques she intentionally uses to achieve her signature vocal textures are fundamental to her audience appeal, and she fears that traditional vocal conditioning methods will ruin the uniquely emotional sound her fans adore. Sia has a similar challenge. Repeated vocal cord injury can eventually harm the voice beyond repair, either naturally or surgically. The only way to create and maintain a singing voice to last for a lifetime of performing is through serious training.

    6. Toomuch says:

      200,000 people have been canceled on – I don’t think there’s enough overflow for them to even see other shows, especially at the last minute. What a cluster. I guess that’s the drawback of having great people – they break. My mom, a cancer survivor, is also there, spent more than they could afford to travel and see Adele’s last show. Go ahead, call her selfish for being sad. She will never see Adele. to the people who are berating others for venting their frustration here – go to heck. Rude Americans get to be frustrated too, and they have every right to be. They did not come to London for the food and now they’re stuck.

      • jaeson says:

        England is a beautiful country and there are other things to see besides Adele! One can wander the beautiful gardens and museums instead.

    7. Linda Phillips says:

      That’s ok Darling you take care of yourself. You get well soon. When time permits surprise us with a new song. I have never loved a singer as much as you. Your all I listen to these days. May Jesus hold you and your family in the palm of his hands.

    8. Jean Berkers says:

      I am sorry you are so sick , and hope you can recover soon with out lasting problems God Bless ! ❤

    9. millerfilm says:

      Flags will be lowered to half staff. :-)

    10. Justin Miller says:

      Take care if that golden voice sweetheart, we all love you,yiu go and do what you need to get healthy,ok?

    11. kezia says:

      middle finger salute to you

    12. kcsparky says:

      Good decision. Went to the last show of a tour of a very well known and famous female jazz artist who was very sick and who’s voice was shot. Didn’t sing much (couldn’t) and heard a who lot of her back up singers which was in no way what I paid for my late wife and I to see……and it wasn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. She should have apologized, not performed and refunded the ticket money. I would have understood that as she sounded horrible…..not her normally AWESOME voice at all. This was a good decision by Adele. Regardless of hurt feelings by minions who believe that they are “owed”, her health comes first and foremost. I am sure that refunds will be issued.

    13. Robert Pursall says:

      6 of us are flying from Frankfurt. The tickets were Christmas for our children and we have been looking forward to this for almost a year. Hotels and flights have cost us a fortune but we will carry on and have a fun weekend anyway. Maybe next time, get well soon. X

    14. Same thing happened to Meat Loaf. He made a comeback, then as he aged his voice left again. Maybe she will also recover, but little or no touring if she does.

    15. Andy Howe says:

      I have never been to an Adele concert. How many times does she stop and start over? Is there betting on an under and over basis?

    16. Bobert says:

      Are you kidding me? We were on a flight heading toward the airport in California when we crashed on the 405, we then raced to a cab to catch the next commercial flight. We are in the air using our cell phones against the advice of the captain and crew, possibly putting everyone at risk, just to keep up to date with the latest from Adele. Only to find out the show is canceled. You are the worst kind of person. I hope you are happy. I can’t even tabulate how much this has cost. And my wife is so upset she’s going into labor. Now Little Adele will probably never get a chance to meet his namesake. Oh you’re “devastated”? Ask me about my day.

    17. Mike says:

      Truth! she more than likely is protecting her fans.. I personally give her credit! Good luck to you girl…whatever your endeavors maybe,

    18. Lisa stell says:

      Are you kidding me? We are on a plane from the States right now, with tickets for the final show on Sunday. If it’s rescheduled, that doesn’t help us. We can’t come back later in the year due to work schedules and no vacation time available. I love love love Adele but this is Unbelievable.

    19. Adele must take care of herself & her voice. Healing angels coming your way!

    20. Michael Anthony says:

      Obviously you. People who don’t care, don’t comment.

    21. Lynn Mounier says:

      I planned a once in a lifetime trip to london with my daughter for her graduation. We have saved for months to be here for 5 days to see Adele. To say we are disappointed is an understatement. This was her bucket list and biggest dream. Thanks for nothing

      • Michael Anthony says:

        Vocal problems not taken care properly can ruin a person’s singing voice for voice. Sorry, ADEKE should have ruined her voice just for you.

        Considering nearly 100bpeopke died a week ago in a fire there, and you’re bitching about bucket lists for your child? SELFISH!

      • AJ says:

        Just enjoy your time in London with your family, you stupid American. You can see Adele another time.

      • EK says:

        For nothing!? The woman has a vocal problem and can’t perform. You obviously know NOTHING of what a singer goes through to perform safely and up to his/her standards. Sorry your trip was impaired but would you race a horse on three legs, drive a car on three wheels, send your child to play in a snowstorm with the flu? Numbskull!

      • Lane says:

        Get off your soap box. Adele is ill with vocal cord damage. Your attitude is nothing short of selfish and uncaring for her future as a vocalist.

      • drorez says:

        Wow! She is hurt, sick… it’s not like she decided to go on vacation instead of performing, you self centered idiot.

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