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Adele Asks Hometown Crowd to Donate to Grenfell Tower Relief at Wembley Concerts

Adele Asks Wembley Crowd to Donate
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London native Adele has been a visible supporter of the relief efforts around the disastrous Grenfell Tower fires that killed an estimated 80 people — and at the first of a four-night stand at London’s Wembley Stadium on Wednesday night, she announced to the crowd that she is using the shows to raise money for Grenfell relief efforts. She dedicated her song “Hometown Glory” to the victims of the fire.

The singer is asking fans to donate 5 pounds to Unite for Grenfell relief efforts.

“It’s been two weeks since the fire, and still the people who were affected by it are homeless,” she said in a video message before the show. “I promise that the money we raise together will go directly to the people who are living in that block.” She also called Wembley’s prices “exortionate” and asked concertgoers to donate rather than waste the money on “overpriced wine.”

During the show, she referenced the video and then said: “I’ve been down on the ground near Grenfell Tower all week before this and I’m going straight back after these shows. I’m not going to go into too much detail because a lot of the stories I’ve been told I’m not going to tell on a stage like this. But I can’t tell you how out of control and how chaotic it still is down there, it’s been two weeks since this happened. I prose you that any money that we raise together over these next for days — I’m not leaving them, I’m involved now [cheers] — I’d like you, if you can, to donate 5 pounds to the text message on the screen. And if you don’t want to do it, can you promise me that you will talk about this story and keep it alive, because it’s disappearing and it’s atrocious that it is. And it’s atrocious that we can’t get answers. Ot’s our job as human beings to be compassionate, and if you don’t have a social conscience you can grow one. I didn’t have one that long ago. Demand answers, because it’s f—ing important.” She ended the song by saying, “You’ll be hearing a lot more from me about this in the days and weeks and probably years to come.”

On June 23, the singer visited and gave a brief performance at Avondale Park Primary School near the site. The school tweeted, “As a school that really needed a boost, it meant the world to have Adele visit us. Our children will never forget it! #GreenForGrenfell.” She also visited a fire station near the Towers, and volunteered at nearby Westway Centre to help victims.

The shows, billed “The Finale” as they represent the last shows in the singer’s 18-month-long world tour, are set to break Wembley attendance records, as the venue has been configured for an in-the-round performance, bringing in 98,000 fans per night, according to Music Week. The existing record was set by U2’s 360 Tour in 2009.