Stagecraft Podcast: Jonathan Groff on ‘Mindhunter’ and Why He’s ‘the Snowden of Broadway’ (Listen)

Jonathan Groff Stagecraft podcast
George Chinsee

David Fincher ordered Jonathan Groff to stop smiling. Repeatedly.

Broadway favorite Groff (“Hamilton,” “Spring Awakening”) tells the behind-the-scenes tale in the latest episode of Stagecraft, Variety‘s theater podcast. Groff worked with the famously meticulous director on “Mindhunter,” the Netflix series in which he stars.

“As an actor, I have these tics that I don’t even know exist,” Groff says. “David has the ability to spot those things and eviscerate them.” The one Fincher focused on? Groff’s tendency to smile, which didn’t often have a place in the dark drama about the men who introduced psychology to the study of serial killers.

Over the course of the podcast, Groff also reminisces about his experiences in the original Broadway cast of “Hamilton,” revealing which sequences he always snuck out into the house to watch. As King George, he only had nine minutes of total stage time. “I spent more time watching the show than I was actually in the show,” he recalls.

He also spills the truth about the rap that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote for Kelli O’Hara, explains why he’s not on social media, and reveals why Miranda calls him “the Snowden of Broadway.”

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