A charity campaign announced on Twitter by Lin-Manuel Miranda has caught on with well-known names from the film, TV, and theater world, with donations to the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition earning chances to win tickets to the opening night performance of “Hamilton” in Los Angeles.

Shonda Rhimes, Kelly Clarkson, Taran Killam, and the cast of Broadway’s “Come From Away” are among the notables posting their participation in the #Ham4All Challenge, announced by “Hamilton” creator Miranda in partnership with online platform Prizeo. The funding drive, timed to Immigration Heritage Month, benefits a dozen organizations that are part of the coalition.

In addition to the donations and the entries to the ticket contest, the #Ham4All Challenge also invites donors to post videos of themselves singing a tune from “Hamilton” and challenge others to donate and post as well. Rhimes rapped Jefferson’s speedy lyrics from “Washington on Your Side,” Clarkson offered a snippet of “It’s Quiet Uptown,” and Killiam did “Wait For It.”

Donors giving $10 to the campaign get 100 entries to the lottery drawing for the opening night prize package, with the number of entries going up with the amount of money donated. The #Ham4All Challenge runs June 26-July 31, with “Hamilton” starting performances at the Pantages in L.A. Aug. 11 ahead of an opening night set for Aug. 16.