A slow final week of September kept the Broadway box office humble last week, except at the biggest of hits like “Hamilton” and “Hello, Dolly!”

In the aftermath of the closings of shows including “A Doll’s House, Part 2” — and with “War Paint” on hiatus for a week — overall Broadway sales and attendance both downticked. Individual productions mostly tread water, posting only minor gains or losses — with the only exception being “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” ($558,636).

Down by 16% (or approximately $110,000) compared to the previous week, “Charlie” has lost momentum in the last six weeks or so, after an initial several months that saw the show gain significant sales traction despite largely downbeat reviews and a Tony Awards shut-out. The show powered through million-dollar-plus weeks for most of the summer, but more recently has seen its numbers take a downward turn.

“Charlie” was one of two new musicals that were largely ignored by the Tonys but still attracted notable crowds, at least initially. The other was “Anastasia” ($822,993), which has experienced a slowdown of its own but perked up by 5% last week.

With significant appeal to the all-ages demographic, “Charlie” seems certain to trend with the Street, rising as city visitors — and, in particular, family-oriented tourists — return to Times Square. Reps for the show promise the production’s weekly grosses will be higher this week.

Otherwise, there were few changes of note at the box office last week, with “Hamilton” ($2,941,667), “Hello Dolly!” ($2,310,278), “The Lion King” ($1,876,322) and “Dear Evan Hansen” ($1,680,306) holding on to spots at the top of the chart.

Total Broadway cume slipped a bit to $23.2 million for 24 shows playing, and attendance dipped by 8,000 to 198,483, or 84% of Broadway’s overall seating capacity.