Laura Dern — daughter of Oscar-nominated actors Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern — first attended the awards ceremony at age 7. “The Oscars to me as a kid were about achievement, and the achievement was connected to really raw human characters,” says Dern. In 1992, she and Ladd made Oscar history with their mother-daughter nods for “Rambling Rose,” and she earned another Oscar nom, plus three Globe victories and two noms on top of that. Dern stars in series “Big Little Lies” and “Twin Peaks,” where style and storytelling go hand in hand.

2009 (1)
Dern served as the youngest-ever Miss Golden Globe in 1982 — and went on to receive Globe nods for “Rambling Rose” in 1992, “Afterburn” in 1993 (also her first win), and “The Baby Dance” in 1999. The year of her fourth nom, for docudrama “Recount,” she wore this linear design by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. “I knew Marc, and so it was a great privilege to wear him specifically,” says Dern, who also scored a second trophy. “You hope, but you never expect anything!”

2012 (2)
“Well that’s a story and a half!” says Dern about the “brilliant” Andrew Gn dress in which she claimed her third Globe. “The dress I was supposed to wear, at 1 o’clock in the morning the night before, disappeared,” she recalls. “And so miraculously, this dress showed up, is the color that my character wears at the end of the season of ‘Enlightened.’ … It just made me laugh so much that it would be the same color, and fit me exactly.”

2014 (3)
Dern chose this blush-colored dress for the Oscar year in which she accompanied her father, nominated for “Nebraska.” “I don’t usually wear pale colors, but I’m such an admirer of Alberta Ferretti. … She’s such a powerhouse female designer who still has her hands in everything,” says Dern. “And I think being there as my dad’s guest, I wanted to just be supportive, and be in something lovely, and comfortable and nothing flashy.”

2015 (4)
Dern scored her second Oscar nomination for “Wild,” and she loved being a part of Cheryl Strayed’s life. “All of us together, the same director, VP, producers, actresses, all went and did ‘Big Little Lies,’ so it was really a beautiful family that was created,” she says. Ferretti, who wanted to design something, considered her role. “It feels like such a tender character, and it was fun to have something in their minds very opposite. … It feels like armor, that dress!”

2017 (5)
“I love Rodarte,” says Dern. “I worship them — they’re such great artists, so any way to honor them was like a dream come true.” Dern is also involved in honoring film. “Now I’m a governor of the actors branch of the Academy, so I care deeply about creating a diverse and deeply modern representation of film. … All of that made that last time [at the Oscars] very special.”