The red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards is made from 17,100 square feet of carpet. Aladdin would have a field day!

While everyone at home will probably be focused on the 247 actors nominated for the upcoming 23rd SAG Awards this Sunday, there are plenty of other SAG-related statistics that viewers may (or may not) be interested in.

For instance, did you know that during the show, the stars will be chowing on a dish of green tea-marinated salmon with bulgur wheat, tofu, and sweet soy, which will require 200 pounds of Alaskan King Salmon, 80 pounds of tofu, and 50 pounds of bulgur wheat to produce? Probably not.

And if, say, Casey Affleck or Ryan Gosling get the jitters before their category is read out, they can nibble on some of the 3,200 homemade breadsticks or quaff some champagne from one of the 480 bottles inside the showroom to calm their nerves.

The SAG Award actor statuette may not be as recognizable as the Oscar figure, but one fun SAG statue fact that viewers may not know is that seven ten-feet tall replicas of the statuette, each weighing 162 pounds, are positioned (Hogwarts suit-of-armor style) as guardians of the red carpet, the showroom, and the post-awards gala. Top that, Academy Awards!

Each regular-sized version of the actor statuette is made from solid bronze, stands at 16 inches tall, and weighs a substantial 12 pounds. You can see the winners collect their individually numbered statuettes at the awards on Sunday, Jan. 29 at 5 p.m. PT on TNT and TBS.