Sundance Cyberattack Forces Box Office to Close

Robert Redford Sundance 2017 opening conference
Robert Redford Sundance 2017 opening press conference

The Sundance Film Festival has been hacked.

“Sundance Film Festival has been subject to a cyberattack, causing network outages that have shut down our box office,” said a spokesperson for the festival. “No further information about the attack is available at this time, but our team is working hard to get our system back up and running as soon as possible. All screenings will still take place as planned.”

According to the festival’s Twitter account, a cyberattack forced the closure of its box office on Saturday.

All movie screenings will go on as planned, according to festival organizers.

“Our artist’s voices will be heard and the show will go on,” the festival added.

The cyberattack occurred shortly after Chelsea Handler led a Women’s March in Park City to protest the election of Donald Trump, at around noon MT. Roughly 40 minutes later, online ticketing for future shows had been restored.

It’s unclear if the attack was related to crowds in Park City, holding empowerment signs and speaking out against Trump.

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  1. R.A.Potts says:

    I am so sorry that happened.

  2. anonn says:

    The new US McCarthyism is more fiction to create war for profit.
    Syria was another failure.

  3. anonn says:

    Google DEF CON

    They aren’t all Russian.

    Wikileaks also doesn’t lie and has been 100% accurate in the past.

  4. anonn says:

    They later blamed the DNC attacks on Russia…………..(at first they said they didn’t know because there was no packet trace)…….. even though Guccifer admitted to it, he is Romanian and said it was an open door.
    Guccifer2 said how he did it.
    Brennan’s email was hacked not by Russia ……….but US and UK teens…….for fun.

    Fact is: the majority of voters in middle America are not interested in the emails anyway.

    Blaming Russia played into the Clinton, weapons manufacturer funded, war in Syria, that was supporting people previously described as terrorists.

  5. Seer says:

    Hackers accused of being pro-Trump. Zero evidence. Shade reporting undermines rational thinking.

  6. FULIBS says:


  7. maroon says:

    If Obama was still in office , he would kick out fie more Russians… . but he’s not. Get used to it snowflakes.

  8. AG says:

    Somebody didn’t like Mr. Redford’s offer to give Pres. Trump a chance. We should support Sundance more now.

  9. Yeahright Noway says:

    Connected squarely to Redford’s mildly stated support for President Trump no doubt. Liberals like to preach tolerance but they are actually much uglier and nastier than the people they claim to fight against. Perhaps if they weren’t so obviously full of beans, we wouldn’t have a President Trump, and Democrats wouldn’t be more out of power at all levels of government than they’ve been in a hundred years. For all the Media’s bluster they’re no where near as popular as Trump.

  10. Boris and Natasha are at it again!

  11. Ha, ha, ha. Too funny! Commie film festival hacked by commies.

  12. B Da Truth says:

    Let’s get serious the 6 big media conglomerates who were allowed to monopolize under Obama and who dumped hundreds of millions into Hillary’s campaign, have no use for Independent movies with better ideas and better scripts, don’t be distracted by words, follow the money.

  13. Spasibo says:

    The KGB and the GRU are busy….

  14. B Da Truth says:

    Damn that Joseph Stalin I knew that guy was up to no good, besides Hollywood has always loved the Russians and the Communists why turn on them now?

  15. Panchy says:


  16. atilla thehun says:

    The server was in Chappaqua

  17. Ferdinand says:

    Who cares about Hollywood or Sundance. No representation of the people

  18. Joe Tonelli says:

    Does the question, “Who are these guys” sound familiar? From a famous Redford film. It appear that there are people on the RIGHT who are learning how to screw up the lefties. About time.

  19. Today the Sundance Film Festival, tomorrow the world!

  20. Vox Veritas says:

    Sure they were.

    Butch Cassidy and the Moonbat Kid.

  21. Harry says:

    Here we go. Inferring it was the Trump-led Russian government who did it! Lol. Pathetic

  22. Little late to start hacking California isn’t it?

  23. Chris Johnson says:

    It was the Russians!

  24. Yukiko says:

    Trump asked Putin to hack Sundance. Either that or Bush did it.

  25. mjnbell says:

    Nice going, Trump. Now the snowflakes can’t watch their movies. Hope you’re satisfied!

  26. Joel Paige says:

    Trump pays women same as men, Clinton pays them at 3/4 to men….but why let the facts get in the way of the false narratives

  27. Joel Paige says:

    Chelsea Handler is an artist? I thought she was a person who makes a living making fun of people she hates

  28. Sigmund says:

    Put in hacked the movies too! Oh no…….!!!!

  29. Pete Dosado says:

    Call Al Gore because he created the internet and should know what to do; of course he may be busy right now lowering the sea levels and cooling off the climate! How’s the snow doing there?

  30. Only two days earlier Redford refused to come out against Trump, saying Sundance not going to be political. This could have been some sort of payback, proving again the great divide between honest liberalism and and way-out-there ;liberalism that has been itching to change it’s name to something more totalitarian since the 60s.

  31. drdarby says:

    Got to love when these left wing extremist scumbags get what they give snd cry about it

  32. dr3yec says:


  33. Big Daddy says:

    Maybe a response to Madonna Ciccone saying she was going to blow up the White House? Why is that broad not in jail?

  34. dt60093 says:

    So what is the concern? Is it Social Security numbers? It must be telephone numbers. Maybe the Russians are putting in the fix for 2020.

  35. Jack Foobar says:

    So now it’s not the Russians, it’s Trump supporters. I see what you did there.

    • Get Real says:

      Sundance is an overrated film festival – overrun with CAA, WME and all the little acquisition executives trying to desperately to buy a film. It’s so pathetic. They know the films at Sundance are garbage that their neighbor down the street wouldn’t watch, yet their ‘bosses’ send them to Sundance anyway. They leave the theaters in the cold air shaking their heads. “I came all the way from warm California for this?” they ask.

      It’s the power of this: Perception is reality. Sundance is a horribly dumb film festival with talentless, politically-correct movies that will be hard to sell. But because the perception that Sundance is ‘exclusive’ so many knuckleheads still go.

  36. jasonn13 says:

    Comrade Vlad, are you at it again? ; )

  37. Abe Keley says:


  38. Fred says:

    Who hacked Sundance, the Russians.

  39. Rich pretentious showbiz hacks get hacked.

  40. Robert Redford did betray the Borg by not renouncing President Trump.

  41. andreasmiles22 says:

    I think declaring war on those who voted for Trump, spewing hate, threats is not a wise move by those in Hollywood, they are drawing a line in the sand that cannot be erased.

    • Rolando Vermicelli says:

      Yeah I really think some of them have said too much. I think they’ve hurt their careers. Pretty hateful stuff. Hard to forget.Especially that stuff about Trump having incestuous thoughts about his daughter. That was really repugnant. Ashley Judd said it. Really over the line.

  42. Ellen Marie says:

    My theory is that it has to do with the documentary about Anonymous screening at the festival.

    • Rolando Vermicelli says:

      I didn’t realize they were showing a documentary about Anonymous. I there were things in there they don’t like, it’s probably them. They have the ability to be sure.

  43. Linda K Freier says:

    I hope you liberal film people go bankrupt.

  44. Karl golledge says:

    Did any votes for HRC come out?

  45. deplorabal says:

    All those libtard lies. I am sick of it

  46. Blutski says:

    Didn’t Madonna abandon America when she moved to London over 30 years ago? What happened to Cher’s face? She looks like a bank robber with pantyhose pulled over face.

  47. That aid it all – “…to protest the election of Donald Trump.” … In other words, we didn’t get our way especially when our opinion means more than yours.

  48. David says:

    Awesome !!

  49. donfitness says:

    Nooooo!!! I was just about to fly my jet up there to watch the inconvenient sequel.

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