After a fairly unsurprising but thoroughly-deserved best supporting actor win for Mahershala Ali, the 2017 Oscars’ second award caused viewers’ makeup to drain and their hair to stand on end.

Suicide Squad” is an Oscar-winning movie…. let that just sink in for a second. For many people on Twitter, the comic-book movie’s win in the makeup and hairstyling was just too much to take.

“‘Oscar Winning Movie Suicide Squad’ is up there with ‘President Donald Trump’ in phrases I never thought I would hear,” tweeted YouTube comedian Ricky Hayberg.

And Hayberg wasn’t the only one to draw the comparison between the Academy’s decision and the recent American election.

“We live in a world where Donald Trump is President and Suicide Squad is an Oscar award winning movie. Let’s let that sink in,” tweeted Jeff Dwoskin.

One Twitter user decided to attack the film’s most infamous performance to channel her frustration at the film’s hairstyle and makeup win.

“I can’t believe Suicide Squad won an Oscar for writing damaged on Jared Leto’s forehead,” joked Stephanie Cohen.

L.A. Times film critic Justin Chang went for a more punny response.

“SUICIDE SQUAD. The #Oscars will never be able to makeup for this,” Chang tweeted.

Louis Virtel went for a three-pronged twitter attack on the surprise winner.

“‘Suicide Squad” looks like a Burger King Kids Club for sad adults'” …ouch!