Since the credits rolled on “The Force Awakens,” fans have taken to the Internet to theorize the answers to the dangling mysteries left unsolved. Who or what is Snoke? Who are Rey’s parents? What’s the deal with the reclusive Luke Skywalker? In the two years since “Episode VII,” theories have ranged from possible, unlikely, to straight up baffling.  With “The Last Jedi” right around the corner we’re looking at some of the best — and craziest — theories from around the web.

The Knights of Ren were Luke’s Students

Of all the theories out there, this one seems pretty plausible. Around the halfway point of “The Force Awakens,” Rey is given Luke’s old lightsaber — the one he lost in his fight with Darth Vader in “The Empire Strikes Back.” When she touches it she sees a number of visions, one of them being of Kylo Ren and a group of equally hooded baddies called The Knights of Ren.

It seems unlikely that Kylo Ren could amass such a strong following so quickly after betraying Luke…unless he talked all of Luke’s other jedi students into siding with him. This could also explain why Luke exiled himself to Ahch-To (the island we find him on at the end of “Force Awakens”). He’s not mourning the death of all his students, but that he couldn’t save them from the Dark Side.

Rey is Obi-Wan’s Granddaughter

Rey’s origin is subject to countless Internet theories. She’s Darth Vader reincarnated, she was the result of a virgin birth just like Anakin, she hatched from an egg (more on that later). It seems highly unlikely that the new “Star Wars” flicks would retread the much maligned immaculate conception plot from the prequels, but the theory that Rey is a Kenobi… that’s not that crazy.

The main argument for this theory is that the episodic “Star Wars” tales have always revolved around one theme: family. And more specifically, it has (for better or worse) always centered around the Skywalker and Kenobi dynamic. Obi-Wan raises Anakin, trains Anakin, is betrayed by Anakin and ultimately is killed by Anakin all while becoming a sort of father figure to Luke. That theme would be easy to continue if Rey and Kylo Ren continue to clash, as Kenobis and Skywalkers seem destined to do.

And yes, we are implying that Old Ben took up with a lover in the sand dunes of Tatooine — Jedi code or not, he’s only human.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Luke is a Villain in “The Last Jedi”

From what we heard about him in “The Force Awakens,” and what we’ve seen of him in “The Last Jedi” trailers, it seems like there’s something wrong with Luke. Some fans believe that his failure with Kylo Ren has forced him to slip to the Dark Side himself.

People are backing up the theory that Luke is now a villain with “The Last Jedi” poster. Throughout the series, every poster for every film has always featured the villain looming as the largest image in the background. In the upcoming film, that’s Luke. It doesn’t help that on special IMAX posters — one for Light Side characters and one for Dark Side characters — Luke is featured on both.

Snoke is Darth Plagueis

The idea that Supreme Leader Snoke is actually Darth Plagueis was one of the earliest theories about the villain’s identity. For a quick refresher, Plagueis was an incredibly powerful Sith Lord who taught the Emperor Palpatine. This is the Sith that found a way to cheat death, and the story that ultimately tempts Anakin to the Dark Side.

The strongest evidence for this theory comes from “The Force Awakens” novelization, where Snoke is described as tall, gaunt, and humanoid. Plagueis was a Muun, which is a species that’s also tall, thin and humanoid. Sharp-eared fans have also pointed out that the music played when Plagueis was previously mentioned in “Revenge of the Sith” is eerily similar to Snoke’s theme in “The Force Awakens.”

However, “Episode VII” director J.J. Abrams has denied this theory. And this would carry a bit of weight had he not also constantly denied that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in “Star Trek Into Darkness” was Khan…which turned out to be 100% true.

Benicio del Toro’s DJ Is An Older Ezra Bridger

If you don’t know the name Ezra Bridger, we strongly suggest checking out the spinoff series “Star Wars: Rebels.” Set five years before “A New Hope,” the animated show follows a group of ragtag rebels as they run covert operations against the Empire. One of those rebels is Ezra, a Jedi Padawan who spent time tracking down Obi-Wan.

This theory originated when fans realized that del Toro’s DJ has similar face scars to Ezra. Plus the young character would be about the same age as del Toro (early 50s) at the time of “The Last Jedi.” Is it possible Disney decided to integrate an aged-up character from one of their animated series into the live-action films?

Kylo Ren is a Double Agent

This idea attempts to explain why Kylo Ren complains so much about feeling weird and conflicted throughout “The Force Awakens.” It gives Han’s death more weight.

What if Kylo Ren was never seduced by the Dark Side? What if Ren willingly crossed over to the First Order in order to get close to Snoke? His semi-constant complaining about being drawn to the Light Side makes sense because that’s where he’s supposed to be. It could also explain why he asked Han to help him right before he ran his father through with his lightsaber. Killing Han would prove his loyalty to the Dark Side and allow him to get closer to Snoke. Plus, scenes from “The Last Jedi” trailer seem to hint that he gets in the same room as the Supreme Leader at some point in the film.

Rey is Luke’s Clone

“Star Wars” loses its mind for clones. Having Rey be a clone of Luke isn’t as much of a stretch as it could be. Most theories suppose that the First Order is behind said cloning while trying to create a Force User to take down Luke. There are even a couple different ways they could have acquired his DNA.

The obvious way would be from Luke’s severed hand. We already know his lightsaber was recovered — Maz Kanata was keeping it in her cantina — so if that was found it stands to reason Luke’s gross hand could have been found somewhere too. The other way would be from Darth Vader’s helmet. The First Order already has the helmet — how they got it is a mystery — and Luke took the helmet off Vader as he was dying at the end of “Return of the Jedi.”

Snoke Was One of the Jedi Younglings

We’re getting into ridiculous territory with this one. Remember in “Revenge of the Sith” when Anakin went full Dark Side and murdered a bunch of defenseless kids? Well, some people on the Internet have suggested that one of those kids survived the attack and grew up to become Supreme Leader Snoke. Yep.

Boba Fett is Snoke

The “Star Wars” fandom is filled with Boba Fett acolytes — people who continue to carry a torch for a character that, while looking bada**, has almost no screen time and is killed by a blind Han Solo. Fett fans have theorized that not only did the bounty hunter survive falling into the Sarlacc Pit, but also somehow developed a powerful connection to the Force — a trait he does not possess — to become Supreme Leader Snoke.

Because “Star Wars” fans will never quit trying to make Boba Fett happen.

Rey Hatched from an Egg

There is actually a theory that posits Rey doesn’t have parents, but rather was hatched from an egg. Oddly, this theory has more backing it up than some of the wilder ones (looking at you Snoke-is-a-dead-youngling fans).

The idea comes from a story in Marvel’s “Poe Dameron” comic series. In the story, the people of the planet Ovanis protect a sacred blue egg called a Creche Egg, which they believe houses the galaxy’s savior. The odds that Rey hatched from said egg are next to zero, but weirder things have happened in “Star Wars.”

Supreme Leader Snoke is Jar Jar Binks

This is the granddaddy of Snoke headcanon. The theory suggests that Jar Jar Binks — the bumbling and reviled Gungan from the prequel series — is not only Snoke, but also has been pulling the strings behind the creation of the Empire and the First Order from the very beginning. Fans have pointed to Palpatine and Jar Jar being from the same planet and the Gungans convincing the Senate to grant Palpatine emergency powers in “Revenge of the Sith” as evidence for this theory. Some have also suggested that Jar Jar is so powerful he can use the force to manipulate his appearance, which would explain why Snoke looks so different in “The Force Awakens.”