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Seth Meyers, really, really wants an Oscar.

The late night host released a five and a half minute-long trailer on Tuesday night for “Oscar Bait,” a spoof of every trope in the award-winning film handbook.

“This winter — see a film that’s not afraid to pander to your emotions,” a voiceover says. “A film that is shamelessly tied to awards season.”

In the first scene a couple, fallen out of love, sits at the dinner table. Next, Meyers embraces a small child.

“‘Oscar Bait’ checks off all the boxes,” the voiceover continues, “Racial tension, latent homosexuality and a man starring at trains.”

As the trailer continues, more pandering attempts at artistic filmmaking include pretentiously artistic shots of a man’s hand grazing wheat, a long shot of a man playing solitaire and the revelation that Meyers suffers from a rare medical condition — balloon foot. If it pops, he dies.

Meyers screams in a car, cries at dinner and recites meaningless, but profound-seeming dialogue to prove himself to the Academy.

Just to secure awards season glory, the trailer circles back around to show the racial tension scene again, but in French. There is also “one scene straight-up stolen from the movie ‘Carol.'” Finally, Meyers and a woman dance together, but when his balloon foot pops, he crumbles into her arms. 

Watch the trailer for “Oscar Bait” below: