SAG-AFTRA has taken a step toward the negotiating table, with its national board approving its contract proposal for a successor deal with the production companies.

The performers union, which reps about 160,000 members, did not disclose any details of the package or a date for starting negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The AMPTP had no immediate comment.

The current three-year  SAG-AFTRA master contract expires on June 30 and covers well over $1 billion in annual earnings.

Saturday’s announcement came three weeks after the Directors Guild of America board endorsed a tentative deal on a three-year successor contract and sent that out to members for ratification. That deal, which included a major gain in streaming residuals, will go into effect on July 1 if approved.

The AMPTP is expected to propose provisions similar to those in the DGA deal when it sits down at the bargaining taken with SAG-AFTRA.

The Writers Guild of America’s current contract with the AMPTP expires on May 1. It has also not set a date for negotiations.

SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris is heading her union’s negotiating committee. SAG began holding “wages and working conditions” meetings with members in the fall to hammer out proposals.

“I want to thank the members around the country who participated in our Wages and Working Conditions process and helped develop a meaningful package of proposals for this upcoming negotiation,” she said. “Their contributions are crucial in developing our proposals and I am deeply proud of the work they did and thank the board for their overwhelming support for the members’ recommended proposals and the negotiating committee.”

SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator David White said, “President Carteris and the member of the Wages & Working Conditions Committee have done a remarkable job in developing the package of proposals. I also want to commend Gabrielle for her leadership of the committee and its very effective W&W process. We had the largest and most diverse W&W in our history and the members’ dedication to the process is essential in the success of the effort.”

Carteris also updated the board on the interactive strike, which launched in October against 11 videogame companies and featured three demonstrations since then. She announced that SAG-AFTRA plans to hold a rally in support of the work stoppage on Feb. 2 in Los Angeles.