Jennifer Lawrence is a deadly seductress in Fox’s first teaser trailer for spy thriller “Red Sparrow.”

The footage, unveiled Thursday, shows her in a brunette wig and a low-cut red dress on a bed with a drink, followed by a man placing a mobile phone and money clip on the table and a disembodied male voice commanding her: “Take off your dress.”

There’s a shot of curtains swirling, then a quick shot of a man being strangled, followed by Lawrence walking down stairs — now as a blonde in a low-cut black dress. She’s then seen in a black swimsuit following a CIA spy played by Joel Edgerton at a pool and then again as a blonde with a short wig, somewhat resembling Charlize Theron’s look in “Atomic Blonde.”

A voiceover explains, “When I was in Moscow, I heard about a program of young officers trained to seduce and manipulate. To use their bodies. To use everything. They call them sparrows. That’s what she is.”

Fox released the trailer a day before Paramount opens Lawrence’s enigmatic horror-thriller “Mother!” into theaters. She is re-teamed with director Francis Lawrence, who directed the last three “Hunger Games” films, in a story of an injured prima ballerina recruited by the Russian government as a spy as she and her mother face a bleak future.

Matthias Schoenaerts, Jeremy Irons, Ciaran Hinds and Joely Richardson round out the cast.

“Red Sparrow,” which had originally been scheduled for theatrical release on Nov. 10, will open on March 2.

Watch the trailer below: