For years, Pixar fans have harbored the sneaking suspicion that all their most beloved animated movies are connected and in fact take place in the same universe.

Now, the famed “Pixar Theory” appears to be more than speculation, after Pixar published an Easter egg-laden video on the “Toy Story” Facebook page.

While some eagle-eyed fans will have spotted many of these cheeky references before, for instance Boo’s toy collection in “Monsters, Inc.” includes a Jesse doll from “Toy Story 2” and a stuffed-toy clownfish that bares an uncanny resemblance to Nemo from “Finding Nemo,” others would require the finest of fine-tooth combs to find.

For instance, who knew that one of the blue-colored cars from “Cars” was in the background of the final fight scene from “The Incredibles?” Probably no one. And who could have guessed that a girl standing in the background of an aquarium scene in “Finding Dory” is in fact Riley from “Inside Out?” Maybe a savant.

However, possibly the most shocking revelation of the video is that the shadow of the dog who scares Remy the culinary rat from “Ratatouille” is in fact the shadow of Doug the adorable talking dog from “Up.” How could anyone, or any rat, possibly find Doug scary?

Check out the video full of plenty more Pixar Easter eggs below: