Disney is making additions to the House of Mouse to include yet another new movie from Pixar. The currently untitled film was just one of many announcements at the D23 Expo on Friday.

Pixar CCO John Lasseter introduced the pic, telling the crowd, “We love taking audiences to new worlds they’ve never seen before.” A screen saying “The untitled Pixar film that takes you to a suburban fantasy world” promptly appeared behind him.

Dan Scanlon has been attached as director, and he took the stage to present the project following Lasseter’s introduction. “This movie is a mixture of the fantastic and everyday,” noted Scanlon.

Based on quick clips shown to the audience, the untitled Pixar project will follow two characters who must go on a quest to track down their lost father, a man they known nothing about. Additionally, a restaurant called “To-and-Fro Burger” could be seen, along with trash-diving unicorns who behave like hungry raccoons in this universe.

Scanlon made sure to add that this film is a personal project for him, seeing as he lost his own father when he was young. His credits include directing 2013’s “Monsters University” and being a member of the senior creative teams for “Brave” and “Inside Out.”

Pixar currently has “Coco,” “Incredibles 2,” and “Toy Story 4” in varying stages of production, as well as two other untitled films. The CGI studio has not yet set a release date for the untitled adventure film, but does have the dates March 13, 2020, June 19, 2020, and June 18, 2021 staked out.