Imagine having a wedding with Meryl Streep, Mel Gibson and Viola Davis as the guests of honor… and Denzel Washington officiating proceedings.

Well, thanks to Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel and his “Star Tours” sketch, one couple was ‘married’ by Denzel Washington and kissed in front of a star-studded Dolby Theatre (not to mention the millions watching at home).

The bit, orchestrated by Kimmel, involved a group of unsuspecting Hollywood tourists who were let into the Dolby during the Oscars. Kimmel brought the group to the front of the theater with Gary and his fiancee Vicky leading the pack.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” Washington said as he was awkwardly sandwiched between the couple. “Kiss the bride,” Washington then said before handing his mic back to Kimmel with a ‘my work here is done’ look on his face.

Kimmel was quick to authenticate the wedding. “He’s Denzel, so it’s legal,” the host quipped.

Vicky, the bride-to-be, also seemed to be enjoying the surreal experience, and captured the entire affair, including Washington’s short-but-sweet marriage ceremony, with her phone attached to a selfie stick. It may not be the kind of ultra-high-definition camera that the cinematography nominees usually have at their disposal, but the footage will probably make for fantastic viewing back at Gary and Vicky’s household.

Gary also managed to grab a quick selfie with best supporting actor winner Mahershala Ali holding the Oscar statuette before leaving.

Gary, the lucky husband from Chicago, has quickly become a twitter sensation, with one commenter on twitter dubbing him the ‘Ken Bone of the Oscars.’


“Gary is the Ken Bone we really deserved all along,” tweeted Ben Boskovich.