Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday and, while some started their days with awards nods, there were also, as always, the inevitable snubs.

There was hope that Oscar might show some comic book love in the form of nominations for “Deadpool,” but the Ryan Reynolds passion project was shut out completely. Speaking of passion projects, Martin Scorsese’s meditation on faith, “Silence,” nabbed only one nomination for best cinematography.

On the acting side, few snubs seemed more glaring than Amy Adams for “Arrival” and Tom Hanks for “Sully.” And “Finding Dory” was overlooked in favor of other Disney favorites, even after its predecessor, “Finding Nemo,” became the first Pixar movie to win best animated feature in 2004.

Which snub shocked you the most? Weigh in below. Did we forget the snub that left you the most surprised? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: This poll has been closed, with Adams taking the top spot in a landslide.