The “Filming in Italy” initiative, which lasts until Feb. 8, held a cocktail party on Friday at the home of producer Cecilia Peck, daughter of the late actor Gregory Peck, and husband Daniel Voll. The project also runs in association with Tiziana Rocca of Agnus Dei Production, Baume & Mercier watchmakers and the Italian Cultural Institute.

The initiative aims to persuade filmmakers, producers and studios to consider shooting their next project in Italy. Oliver Stone received an award, courtesy of the watchmakers, at the “Filming in Italy” festival.

Guests were huddled intimately, schmoozing and laughing while eating slices of margherita pizza and nibbling on fresh mozzarella made on-site. Members of the Italian Film Commissions Association Network (IFC) hope to spread the word that Italy is more than just good food.

“The message for tonight is ‘come film in Italy,'” said Sebastiano Caccetta, manager of film and music for the Italian Trade Agency. “There is a law allowing tax breaks for filmmakers to film in Italy for basically nothing. And we’re trying to get the word out there.”

Caccetta said he hopes that through networking, filmmakers will seriously consider Italy for their next big project.

“When you offer something like this, it is with hope that it receives attention,” Caccetta continued. “Italy is still a place where people want to go, especially for vacation. But it should also be a place where people go to shoot films.”