‘Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie in Early Development at Disney

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi movie

With Disney’s untitled Han Solo “Star Wars” standalone film approaching the finish line, Disney is now looking to tell the story of another iconic character in a galaxy far, far away.

Sources tell Variety that Disney is in early development on a film centered on Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi and is in talks with “Billy Elliot’s” Stephen Daldry to direct.

The character appeared in the first six “Star Wars” films, first played by Alec Guinness in Episodes 4-6 and then by Ewan McGregor in Episodes 1-3. Kenobi is best known as the Jedi master who first trained Anakin Skywalker, who would later turn to the dark side and became Darth Vader. Kenobi would then go on to train Skywalker’s son Luke before falling to Vader in “Star Wars: A New Hope.”


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There is not yet a script or a writer, sources say, and it’s currently unknown if this will be the next standalone story in the “Star Wars” universe.

Disney has been developing several standalone pics with the goal of keeping fans buying tickets while they wait for the next episodes in the main new trilogy. “Rogue One” was the first of the standalones, and Disney is currently shooting an untitled origin tale of beloved smuggler Han Solo. Some of the other standalones in development include a Jabba the Hutt story and a Boba Fett movie.

Daldry cut his teeth in the theater world and made his feature debut with the Oscar-nominated “Billy Elliot.” He followed that up with critically acclaimed films like “The Hours” and “The Reader.” He most recently directed episodes of Netflix’s period drama “The Crown.”

Daldry is repped by CAA.

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  1. Randver Larson says:

    Disney isn’t developing it. Lucasfilm is. How hard is it for people to get that Disney doesn’t make Star Wars, they market it?

  2. John says:

    We already know what’s become of Kenobi. Unless it’s about him becoming a Jedi or his time with Qui Gon then this movie is pointless. I’d rather see a movie about Palpatine or the Bounty Hunters Guild. Maybe if gen something about Rogue Squadron between episodes 6 and 7. Don’t ruin Kenobi and try to change his time on tattooine please!!!!

  3. Bob says:

    kathleen kennedy seems soulless guiding this increasingly watered down series

  4. Hank Peters says:

    It does make me laugh that so many Star Wars actors (including Ewan McGregor & Harrison Ford) critised their experiences & the final movies & then end up coming back. I guess nobody is above earning money…. even if they do look hypocritical.

  5. Timmy says:

    Well this is final proof that Disney have absolutely no imagination & are just in it for the cash. So far everything they’ve made has been a rehash or just a predictable spin off. They’ve brought nothing to the franchise. For crying out loud…. Lucas’s prequels expanded the Star Wars universe more. Bored of Star Wars now.

  6. ioncurr3nt says:

    Doesn’t strike me as a great idea:
    Spending the rest of his life looking out after little Luke Skywalker, like a guardian angel, watching him from afar… while Luke grows up living the life of a farmer, dull, uneventful …just don’t tell me Jabba the Hutt kidnapped the youngling and it was up to Old Ben to save the day. Also, don’t tell me Kenobi went off world in search for more adventures. His story is done, finished, until the time came when a certain little blue droid went looking for him to deliver a message…

    Ok, so let’s speculate…
    -So what if Sir Alec Guinness (CGI recreation a la Rogue One, right???) had already received a message from Bail Organa (remember Rogue One?) jump-starting one last “Call to Adventure.”

    Here’s something that would be interesting:
    -What if Darth Vader’s real identity is the McGuffin of the story, a real mystery as to who this monster was and where it came from…
    -What if Obi-Wan, who for years has been protecting young Luke from afar (“Great Expectations in Outer Space” anyone?) is growing more and more remorseful every day, images of Anakin burning alive, consumed by flames, haunting him…
    -What if, while in town one day, watching holonet news at the Cantina, holograms (echoing of Revenge of the Sith) of the damage/devastation that Darth Vader, the Emperor’s Emissary, wages on the Empire’s enemies, suddenly senses something -his mind connecting the dots- then realizing that …Anakin is alive! (Remember, as far as he knew, he left Anakin for dead in the lava planet…)
    (But, HEY! that already happened in a novel, right?)

    You know what? If the last 10 minutes of the Kenobi movie run parallel with the events of Rogue One (who is NOT feeling a million people crying out in terror? -from TWO planets, no less! Jeddah and that beach planet…)
    …Maybe as long as the movie ends with R2-D2 strolling down the Star Wars Canyon (going back to Tunisia?) … then I wouldn’t mind it, especially if we get to see how Old Ben managed to roar like a Krayt Dragon…

    P.S. Hey, how about a final scene where a late forty-something Ewan McGregor turns into Sir Alec, similarly to how latex make-up Smeagol turned into CGI Gollum at the beginning of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King…

  7. Dick says:

    when will Jar Jar Binks get his own trilogy and netflix TV series?

  8. BernieHillary says:

    Milk it. Milk that cash cow until its teets fall off.


    This is why folks are turning to original creative independent entertainment on the internet.

  9. loco73 says:

    “Anakin…only a Sith deals in absolutes!” That line alone warrants a standalone movie for Obi-Wan. He is one of my favourite characters in the “Star Wars” franchise. To be honest I am more excited and interested in the standalone movies than the new trilogy. A Obi-Wan movie would make a nice link between the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy. If all the information in the article is confirmed, it is quite an interesting choice of director. I could see this movie as more of a character study, much like “Logan” was.

    I loved “Rogue One”, it is, at least for me, one of the best “Star Wars” movies, up there with “The Empire Strikes Back”. I also thought it was one of the best movies of 2016 (and actually counting the last few years also…). Although the Han Solo movie has had quite the ups and downs and a significant share of upheaval, I hope the production works out and we get another good, solid movie!

    Oh yeah, of course, Ewan McGregor, needs to come back, in lieu of Alec Guiness, there is no one else who can play Obi-Wan! And please get Alexandre Desplat to score this one!!!!!

  10. Weary says:

    This story will be milked ad naseum; large investment to recoup.

  11. Boba Fett's Tailer: Chapter 7 says:

    Gee…when are we getting the origin story on the guy who designed the Millennium Falcon?

    It’s like adding ten gallons of water to one Kool-Aid packet. When is this ever going to end?

    • Jonathan says:

      Never. It will never end because Star Wars is by far the best franchise ever created. Fans like me make sure Star Wars is forever. I will be there and I’ll be there dozens of times for each movie. This one will be amazing if they do it right.

      • Hrrmi says:

        Star wars is the most overrated franchise ever not really the best

      • Mark says:

        This kind of response to these kid’s movies is exactly what’s wrong with Hollywood. But then again, they’ve always pandered to the lowest common denominator.

      • Boba Fett's Tailor: Chapter 7 says:

        Just the fact that you celebrate a franchise for being a franchise, rather than individual, unique, original movies, says it all. To each his own…but this thought process is why ticket sales are falling.

  12. Flibber McGee says:

    The fans were demanding an Obi-Wan movie. No one was demanding a Han Solo movie.

  13. MovieBabble says:

    I really like the idea of just one Obi Wan movie. Although I love the character, I still think a trilogy as was being discussed was a little much.

  14. paully says:

    They should think of a twist with this movie instead of the usual hagiography ..
    Maybe Obi Wan is a Bigamist .. Disney would love that with his force laden kids all over the galaxy..

  15. Hausjam says:

    We absolutely need more obiwan McGregor.

  16. Joe Posner says:

    I hope this project eventually makes it to the big screen. Obi-Wan is certainly deserving of a stand alone movie. It will be interesting to find out what years in his life will be covered, and who will play the iconic role…

  17. what says:

    Jabba the Hutt? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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