Paladin has acquired domestic theatrical rights to Noah Wyle’s “Shot,” a drama about three lives irrevocably changed when a gun is accidentally fired on a busy Los Angeles street.

“Shot” stars Wyle, Sharon Leal and newcomer Jorge Lendeborg, Jr., in his first leading role. It’s directed and produced by Jeremy Paul Kagan along with Dave O’Brien and Josh Siegel. The script is based on an original story by Kagan, written by Anneke Campbell and Will Lamborn.

Wyle plays a movie sound mixer suddenly felled by a random bullet accidentally fired by a teenager from a gun  passed to him by his cousin, meant to protect him against gang bullies. Kagan’s camera follows Wyle’s character from street, to stretcher, to gurney, to examining table — and juxtaposes the medical crisis with the teen’s moral one. The two meet face to face at the end of the film.

Paladin president Mark Urman said, “’Shot’ deals with the urgent social issue of gun violence in a striking and original way.  What makes it particularly effective is that it is devoid of polemics and rhetoric—no speeches are made.  Rather, through action and character alone, the viewer is drawn into a situation that is emotionally moving and disturbing. Anyone concerned about the lack of sensible gun control in our society, will want to see this film, and will tell others to see it as well.”

Paladin’s marketing campaign will be coordinated audience-engagement activity with wide array of gun control advocacy groups, organizations, and activists, both national and regional. John Raatz, an associate producer who coordinated grass roots outreach on Paladin’s release of Tom Shadyac’s “I Am,” will again be spearheading this initiative.

“This has been a passion project for me,” Kagan said. “I wanted to make a film where we get intimately involved in what happens when someone gets shot. I want us to care about these people and I didn’t want us to turn away, like we get to do with most movie violence. This isn’t about ‘no guns,’ it is about responsible living. It’s about sanity and gun safety to prevent the staggering loss of lives.”

The project was unveiled at the American Film Market in 2014.