UPDATED: Miles Teller was arrested and charged with public intoxication on Sunday in San Diego, a spokesperson with the San Diego Police Department confirmed to Variety.

Teller was out with several other men shortly after midnight on Sunday when the group was approached by an officer. According to a spokesperson for the police department, the “Fantastic Four” star started “showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol,” including slurring his speech, and had trouble keeping his balance, coming close to falling on the street.

After it was determined that the 30-year-old actor was “unable to care for his own safety,” the spokesperson said, he was taken into custody. Teller was given the option of sobering up at a detox center, but was arrested and transferred to a local jail after he was apparently uncooperative with the detox center’s staff.

Teller has since been released. His rep has not yet responded to request for comment.

Teller did, however, respond to the news on Monday via Twitter. He claimed that “wasn’t arrested,” but simply “detained,” despite the San Diego Police Department telling Variety and several other outlets that the “Whiplash” star was indeed arrested after being rejected from the detox center.

“Went down to SD to see my buddy before he deployed,” he wrote. “I wasn’t arrested I was detained bc there was no evidence to charge me with a crime.”

“Don’t believe everything you read, especially from a third party entertainment news source trying to get clicks. Appreciate the concern,” he added in another tweet.

Teller was most recently seen in boxing drama “Bleed for This” and crime dramedy “War Dogs.” He has PTSD war movie “Thank You for Your Service,” also starring Amy Schumer and Haley Bennett, bowing later this year, in addition to Joseph Kosinski’s firefighter movie “Granite Mountain Hotshots.”