Michael Moore is trying to make it easier for whistleblowers to share information about the Trump administration.

The documentary filmmaker has launched TrumpiLeaks, a new portal that Americans in government and law enforcement can use to contact Moore with evidence of wrongdoing in the White House and other departments. The move comes as President Donald Trump has vowed to crack down on government leaks. News broke just yesterday that NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner was charged with removing classified material about Russian attempts to hack the election from a government facility and mailing it to The Intercept.

In an open letter on the Huffington Post, Moore said whistleblowing was as old as the republic itself, as are efforts by powerful institutions to suppress damaging information.

“Courageous American men and women have put their careers, their freedom, and even their lives on the line to report government and corporate wrongdoing,” Moore wrote. “From Karen Silkwood (nuclear safety), Sherron Watkins (Enron), and Jeffrey Wigand (tobacco) in corporate America to Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden revealing government lies, the American whistleblowing tradition remains strong, despite constant attempts to intimidate and stifle these truth tellers.”

Moore, whose credits include “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” is working on a new documentary about Trump. It’s titled “Fahrenheit 11/9,” a reference to the day that the president was elected.

TrumpiLeaks will allow people to send information and documents as well as photographs, video, and/or audio recordings via WhatsApp, Signal, Peerio, encrypted email, and regular mail. Moore said no technology is failproof, but that the site will use the best in encryption to preserve leakers’ anonymity.

“I know this is risky,” Moore wrote. “I knew we may get in trouble. But too much is at stake to play it safe. And along with the Founding Fathers, I’ve got your back.”