Michael Douglas was provided belated birthday wishes as he made his way down the carpet Wednesday at the premiere of “Flatliners.”

“Did you know that Monday was this man’s 39th birthday? He looks great,” said Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman, before he gave the film’s producer a big hug outside of the Ace Theater.

The Los Angeles premiere additionally marked a special occasion for Douglas since he also produced the original 1990 film, which starred Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin, Oliver Platt, and Kiefer Sutherland. The updated version of the thriller, penned by Ben Ripley, features Ellen PageNina DobrevDiego LunaKiersey Clemons, and James Norton.

“All of the actors in the first one were really on the cusp of becoming stars,” Douglas recalled. “And the same can really be said [now], so to see these young actors about to really make it in their careers is a compliment to us.”

Sutherland also has a role in the 2017 film, though director Niels Arden Oplev (“Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) described this film to not be as much of a sequel or a remake, but a “reimagining of the first film.” The story follows a group of medical students who kill and revive themselves in order to enhance their abilities.

Similarly so, another horrific retelling, “It,” has held on to great box office numbers before “Flatliners” has its Friday bow, and Oplev has a theory as to why that is.

“I think we are drawn to scariness because we live in a scary time and we live with a lot of uncertainty — definitely that went for ‘It,'” Oplev shared. “One of the things I’m super proud about is the cast. My five fabulous young actors reflect the world of today, the real world. Not the world that some grumpy old men are trying to make us believe that exists.”

For Page, it was really the premise of the film that convinced her to take the role. “[What happens when we die] is a question that we all ask ourselves, and in a time where we have the answer to everything,” she said while pointing to Variety‘s cell phone, “we still can’t answer this question.”

As for Dobrev, the film definitely has more of a philosophical meaning.

“Everyone who has had that experience — died for a short period of time and come back — says that they feel like a different person somehow,” she allowed. “To me, the way that I interpret that is that when you come back, you can’t just be the same person that you were. It’s a second chance and you have to improve on who you are and do something more impactful, be a better person.”

At the after party, held at Clifton’s Republic, screenwriter of the original film Peter Filardi was seen participating in video activations while Douglas ate dinner to chart-topping hip-hop tunes from the likes of Cardi B and Migos.

Kiersey Clemons, Ellen Page and James Norton photographed at the “Flatliners” premiere party. Lauren/Variety/Shutterstock
Producers Laurence Mark and Michael Douglas arrive at the “Flatliners” film premiere at the Ace Hotel. Lauren/Variety/Shutterstock