Mark Hamill on His Harrison Ford Impression and Watching the Original ‘Star Wars’ Trailer With Carrie Fisher

Mark Hamill

Star Wars Celebration” has seen franchise icons come and go over the weekend, but Mark Hamill stuck around from the first panel to the final day on Sunday, when he hosted an hourlong talk.

The actor, who’s played Luke Skywalker since 1977’s “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope,” began by describing the look he usually gets when a child meets him for the first time: “‘Oh my god, what happened to this guy? He really let himself go.'”

“You look great,” a voice called out from the audience.

During the panel, Hamill made a few announcements. For one, his show “Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest” will return for a second season, and will expand to eight 22-minute episodes. The actor also explained how he landed a cameo in Netflix’s recently-released “Mystery Science Theater 3000” reboot — he was approached after donating to the crowdfunding campaign to bring the cult classic back.

With a laryngitis-induced rasp, Hamill told the audience he would have loved to do his Joker, but couldn’t muster more than two chuckles. He did, though, speak to some of his other voice acting.

“On the ‘Simpsons’ I got very self-conscious,” he said, explaining that he had an identity crisis when deciding how to play himself. “About a week before I was going in to do it, I thought, ‘How do I sound?'”

Hamill also said that at least one person isn’t impressed with his Harrison Ford impression.

“I’m not sure how fond Harrison is of my impression,” Hamill said. “One time he said to me, ‘I don’t sound anything like that.'”

But Hamill’s star anecdote was one he began to share during his tribute to Carrie Fisher (before he got sidetracked talking about how she used to dress him up in her clothes and parade him around the lot). Hamill spoke of a time when he and Fisher were together in Westwood when the first trailer for “Star Wars” was playing in theaters. Fisher told Hamill that she didn’t want to watch a movie, but wanted to see the trailer.

“‘You’re going to ask the manager to let us in to see just the trailer,'” Hamill recalled her telling him. And so he did.

“Can we speak to the manager?” he remembered asking the woman at the box office window. “We’re two of the actors in the movie you’re showing the trailer for.”

The two were allowed in, and watched the trailer, which he said was so early that it didn’t include John Williams’ score or many visual effects. It did, though, show a closeup of Chewbacca wearing headphones. The end of the trailer boasted “a billion light years in the making” and coming soon to theaters. While the trailer was thrilling for him to watch, Hamill remembered an audience member heckling the trailer by yelling out, “‘Yeah it’s coming to the ‘Late Show’ about two weeks after that.'”

“Nobody appreciates a well-placed snarky remark more than I do, so we laughed,” Hamill said. “Then we thought ‘uh-oh.'”

Hamill blames the sassy reaction on the Wookiee image. “I think the bridge too far was the eight-foot dog with headphones riding a spaceship,” he said.