Many were predicting a good night for “La La Land” at the Golden Globes, but even the musical’s biggest fans might have been surprised at just how well the evening went. In a record-breaking win, Damien Chazelle’s love letter to artists and dreamers walked away with seven Golden Globes, more than any other film in the show’s history. The closest films are 1975’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and 1978’s “Midnight Express,” which both won six prizes.

“This is so insane, I can’t even tell you,” producer Fred Berger said upon accepting the film’s best musical/comedy win. “Six years ago when we started working on this movie (it) was an utter fantasy.”

The fantasy became a reality when the film won in the comedy/musical category for best film, actress, and actor, in addition to winning director, screenplay, score, and song (for “City of Stars”).

In addition, at the age of 31, Chazelle is the youngest director to win the directing prize in the Globes’ history. Asked backstage to elaborate on breaking both records, Chazelle said, “It feels incredible. I’m not sure. I think I’m still processing. This is my first time ever at the Golden Globes — I assume it doesn’t always go that way, so I’m not going to get used to it.” He went on to say that the part that excited him the most was seeing his college roommate Justin Hurwitz win two Globes (for score and song). “To see him on that stage, I think, maybe that was the single greatest moment for me.”

Asked why the film resonated so much with people, Gosling responded backstage, “The thing that moved me so much about the film is this idea of the importance of pursuing a dream, despite the obstacles…it seems like a very appropriate time for that.”

Echoed his co-star Stone, “I also think there’s something about these two characters and what they’re going through that feels very realistic and very human, even in this fantastical circumstances…I think two people struggling in that way and falling in love, and how it ultimately unfolds, I think is something that everyone can relate to.”