Japanese animation productions major Toei Animation is teaming up with Saudi Arabia’s Manga Productions to produce animation titles and films to be released in both countries. The new tie-up was unveiled Nov. 16.

Manga Productions, which is affiliated with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s MiSK Foundation, focuses on producing animations and developing video games with creative and positive content targeting different local and international social groups.

Bukhari Isam, CEO of Manga Productions, said that his company will do pre-production or prepare designing content to be produced in Japan. The productions will be internationally targeted.

Shinji Shimizu, the managing director of Toei Animation, said that the company was proud to be working with Manga Productions and that the partnership would create quality titles that respect both countries’ cultures.

The first joint production is titled “The Woodcutter’s Treasure,” a 20-minute animation based on Saudi Arabian folklore. Production is complete on Arabic and Japanese versions, and teasers for both versions have been released. The official release date of “The Woodcutter’s Treasure” has not been announced yet, but it will air on TV in Saudi Arabia and in Japan.

The team is also producing a 90-minute animation and 13 episodes of the folklore series.