UPDATE, Feb. 13, 4:45 pm. PST: Timur Magomedgadzhiev has come on board to star in the terrorist attack film “Violent Delights.”

Jack Kilmer had been reported as being attached but is no longer on the project.

Rachel Palumbo is making her feature directorial debut from a script by Taylor Laughlin. Her short film “Sapere Aude” was recently picked up by Amazon Studios.

“Violent Delights” was unveiled Monday at the Berlin Film Festival by producers Bruce Nahin and Taylor Laughlin, and executive producer Kelsey Roberts. Production will commence this summer in Paris and Los Angeles.

The film follows a diverse group of musicians and art students who find themselves caught in the crossfire of a Parisian terrorist attack. The story centers on the lead singer of an American punk rock band and two expressionist painters. Their lives parallel a young man from an immigrant family (portrayed by Magomedgadzhiev) as they each search for inspiration in the city of Paris.

Magomedgadzhiev has worked exclusively with the Dardenne brothers with roles in “Two Days, One Night” and “The Unknown Girl.”