Expanding Italian sales company True Colours has taken world sales on high-end art docudrama “Michelangelo” toplining Golden Globe nominated actor Enrico Lo Verso (“Stolen Children”) in the title role, co-produced by paybox Sky for both TV and theatrical play.

Partly shot in the marble quarries in Carrara, Italy, which supplied the slabs that Renaissance sculptor painter and architect Michelangelo Buonarroti sculpted into masterpieces, including the Pietà and David, “Michelangelo” is the fourth of a series of ambitious high-definition art docs which have been widely distributed globally as event releases co-produced by the Sky and Milan-based Magnitudo.

The first title of the series, “Vatican Museums 3D” (2014) was beamed to 2,000 screens across 60 countries via Nexo Digital, besides being aired on Sky. That was followed by the widely released — including China — “Florence and the Uffizi Gallery” (2015) and “Raphael — The Lord of The Arts” (2017).

“Michelangelo” is scheduled to launch in Italian cinemas in 2018, prior to airing on Sky Italia. The doc is structured as a multilayered narrative centerd around the titular character, played by Lo Verso, who from the Carrara quarries reminisces on his artistic and personal life. Ivano Marescotti plays Giorgio Vasari the Italian painter, architect and writer who recounts Michelangelo’s life and art via several monologues. The doc covers more than 50 Michelangelo artworks.

True Colours, which is headed by Catia Rossi, was launched in 2016 by Indigo Film and Lucky Red to boost the Italian film and TV industries and put the country back on the global content market map. Recent additions to their lineup include soon-to-be released concept movie “The Place” by Italo helmer Paolo Genovese whose “Perfect Strangers” was a 2016 smash hit domestically and sold widely abroad, and superhero movie “The Invisible Boy — Second Generation” by director Gabriele Salvatores (“Mediterreaneo”), which will hit Italian cinemas in January.