Ed Asner has been selected to receive a lifetime achievement award at Wedensday’s opening night of the  12th annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills.

Asner has won seven Emmy Awards for performing — more than any other male actor. He received five of the awards for the role as Lou Grant in the two series “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Lou Grant.”

Asner served as the 18th SAG president for two terms from 1981 to 1985. He received SAG’s Life Achievement Award in 2002, two years after winning the guild’s Ralph Morgan Award for service to the guild. He was also the lead plaintiff in a 2013 lawsuit against SAG-AFTRA alleging mishandling of $130 million in royalties and residuals.

The opening night activities will include the screening of  the short film “Super Sex,” directed by actor Matthew Modine and starring Kevin Nealon, Elizabeth Perkins, Ruby Modine, Efren Ramirez and Asner. The festival will also show “My Friend Ed,” a documentary about Asner with commentary from Paul Rudd, Elliot Gould, Betty White, Mike Farrell, Sharon Gless and Ed Begley Jr.

The program will also include a Q&A with Asner, and the film’s director, Sharon Baker.