No photos. No videos. No recording. Those were the ground-rules for Disney’s animation panel during D23 on Friday.

But for good reason. Over the course of the two-hour-long panel, hosted primarily by Pixar CCO John Lasseter, those inside the hall got a first look at rough footage, sometimes for films that have yet to even be named.

“Today we’re going to show you things that no one has seen outside the walls of our studio,” he said before the presentation.

If, by chance, you were not one of the several thousand people inside the room where it happened, here are ten things you missed.

1. A glimpse of “Mary Poppins Returns”

Several seconds as part of a reel were enough to make the audience roar. “It’s a good thing you came along when you did, ‘Mary Poppins,’” Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Jack smiles. Chances are, more footage from this movie will turn up on Saturday.

2. A scene from the “speed test”

An untitled animated movie got a release date: April 12, 2019. The rough footage showed two planes speeding through a rocky landscape when an enemy ship blasts down to earth, causing a minor collision. “Space,” the title screen read, before the rest of the sentence filled in: “This space to be filled by a title when we think of one.”

3. Josh Gad singing as Olaf

Kristen Bell entered the stage to preview “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.” But when the sound “dropped out,” Josh Gad came in to save the day. The voice of Olaf the snowman sang along live as the footage played. In the teaser, Olaf tries to learn about holiday traditions. At one point he eats a fruitcake that slides right out his other side in one piece.

4. “Frozen 2” research

The panel teased a new title for “Frozen 2,” but never came to a conclusion. Here are some things it will not be called: “Thawed,” “Frozen Solid,” “Frozen: Seize the Day,” or “Frozen Assets.” The filmmakers did research for the movie in Norway, Iceland, and Finland.

5. “Wreck-it Ralph” sequel footage

Avengers? Disney Princesses? Taraji P. Henson? Meet Ralph. New scenes from the upcoming “Wreck-it Ralph” sequel teased many of the Disney worlds colliding in one place: the Internet. That’s where Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz travel in the 2018 installment, with the help of Henson’s new character, Yesss (and, yes, that’s how it’s spelled).

6. A tribute to Edna Mode

The moody fashion designer from “The Incredibles” is back for round two. And to welcome her, Disney screened a silly docu-style tribute featuring Heidi Klum, Kendall Jenner, and more personalities from the fashion world.

7. “Incredibles 2”: Jack-Jack vs. raccoon

Remember Jack-Jack? The baby from “The Incredibles” has serious powers, and at least some of them are displayed in a new clip that showed him facing off with a raccoon. Jack-Jack ignites, uses last beam eyes, duplicates himself to slip from his father’s grasp, and more.

8. “Toy Story 4” update

Josh Cooley is stepping up as the sole director of “Toy Story 4.” The audience got a goofy behind-the-scenes look at how the movie is shaping up that showed the crew in a state of chaos.

9. Another new movie that needs a title

So much news, not enough titles. Director Dan Scanlon took the stage to announce his new project, based vaguely on losing his father as a young boy. The story will follow two characters who live in a world that is “a mixture of the fantastic and everyday.” That means an ordinary suburban setting is spruced up with mushroom houses and unicorns eating out of the trash.

10. A lot of “Coco”

“Coco” got a big push. In a new look at the film before it’s released in November, Miguel crosses a bridge made of flower petals that leads him to the land of the dead. The panel ended with a giant song and dance grand finale, complete with flower petals falling from the ceiling.