A heartwarming story found on Tumblr brought “Rogue One” star Diego Luna down to earth on Tuesday night. The post, which Luna tweeted with the note “I got emotional reading this!,’ tells of Tumblr user Perls, a “Star Wars” fan who brought her father along to see the new film. The fan, whose father, like Luna, is Mexican, wanted her father to see himself represented onscreen. While Luna was touched by the post, his onscreen presence did even more for the girl’s father.

“My dad was so happy,” the fan wrote of her father’s response to the film and Luna’s large role in it.

In the franchise’s most recent film, Luna plays Captain Andor, who retains Luna’s Mexican accent. While the character’s origins go unexplained in the film, the very presence of an actor who looks different from Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker can make a difference. For this fan’s father, it meant the world. The fan even filmed her father’s response to hearing about Luna’s tweet, a response filled with immense joy. “Representation matters,” she wrote.

Luna has spoken in the past on the importance of diversity in mainstream films. He told Variety in an interview that the audience has the power to move the industry in the right direction.

“I think it’s time for audiences to shape the industry we need and it’s always asking for the stories we want to see portrayed in cinema.”

When fans like this Tumblr user and her father attend and praise films with a diverse set of actors like Rogue One, Luna thinks the demand for more will be too loud to ignore.

See the tweet below.