Dax Shepard was showing the fanboy love for “CHIPS” during the buddy cop movie’s Monday night premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

“Every day we blew something up or had a motorcycle crash,” he admitted. “A lot of action-comedies are comedies with just a splash of action so this is a bit of a throwback where the humor comes from the action. I’d like there to be 20 movies a year like ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Lethal Weapon.'”

Shepard produced, directed, wrote and stars in “CHIPS,” based on the TV series that starred Erik Estrada as Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (who attended the premiere), and Larry Wilcox as Jon Baker.

“This may sound a little arrogant but it turned out how I thought it might be when I sat in a lonely hotel room dreaming it up,” he admitted on the red carpet. “I knew I wanted [Michael] Pena to play Ponch because he’s so iconic. Many any people could have played Jon Baker, probably some of them better. Wouldn’t you love to see Chris Pratt in this movie? I would.”

For the second time, Shepard was able to direct his wife, Kirsten Bell, who plays a cheating wife that has abandoned Shepherd’s character.

“She gives me a great rate,” he said. “She’s my favorite actor. She’s perfect on every take. It’s very annoying.”

Bell said Shepard is mindful of his good fortune. “Once a week he’d get everyone on the set together and say: ‘Our number one priority is to have fun. We’re in the best business and we have a responsibility to have fun so if you’re not having fun, come find me.'”

Shepard produced with Ravi D. Mehta, Andrew Panay, and Rick Rosner, who created the original TV series.

The after-party at Mel’s Drive-In included fresh-cooked donuts. “CHIPS” opens Friday, March 24.