Clint Eastwood Casts Real-Life Heroes in Next Film ‘The 15:17 to Paris’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler

In an unconventional move, Clint Eastwood has tapped Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, and Spencer Stone to play themselves in his next movie, “The 15:17 to Paris.” The film will tell the story of the three Americans who stopped a terrorist on a train bound for Paris.

Jenna Fischer, Judy Greer, and Ray Corasani will also join the real-life heroes in the film. Paul-Mikel Williams, Max Ivutin, Bryce Gheisar, Cole Eichenberger, and William Jennings will play younger versions of the Sadler, Skarlatos and Stone.

The casting move is similar to Eastwood’s “Gran Torino,” which featured an almost-unknown cast outside of Eastwood, who also starred in the movie.

Following the news that this would be his follow-up to the box office hit “Sully,” Eastwood began a wide-ranging search for the actors who would portray the three Americans. The studio and Eastwood made their choices but at the 11th hour decided to have Sadler, Skarlatos and Stone portray themselves.

Sources say that, while the three will have good-sized roles, the film is expected to begin during their childhood and show their friendship leading up to the moment that changed their lives. That means the roles will not be full-on leads.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Sadler, Skarlatos, Stone and Jeffrey E. Stern; and Bruce Berman to exec produce. Dorothy Blyskal will write the script.

Eastwood will produce with Tim Moore, Kristina Rivera and Jessica Meier. Warner Bros. will distribute, as will Village Roadshow Pictures (who will also co-finance) in select territories.

The film falls in line with Eastwood’s recent interest in real-life heroes following “American Sniper” and “Sully,” which were two of his biggest box office hits.

Eastwood has met with actors for the past month since deciding the film would be his follow-up to “Sully.” Before landing on “The 15:17 to Paris,” Eastwood was weighing a handful of movies including “Impossible Odds,” the story of humanitarian worker Jessica Buchanan, who was kidnapped while working in Somalia and later rescued by a group of Navy SEALs.

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  1. Sam says:

    There were FOUR Americans, not three. Just because one of them chose to be a dual citizen (French and American) doesn’t make him less of an American. Please give Mark Moogalian his due. Mark was born in Durham NC. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University.

  2. Sally says:

    Rowdy Yates : A national treasure. Who would have ever thought? :-)

  3. Perry Barone says:

    YES! A Clint Eastwood movie with real life heros. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  4. P says:

    God Bless! This is a Hero.

  5. Laura says:

    Kudos to Mr. Eastwood for casting these American heroes despite their lack of acting experience instead of actors who have most likely never done a heroic thing in their lives.

  6. tdbrlvr says:

    Good choices, Clint! Thank you for being a REAL American!

  7. Mark says:

    Imagine how much better Hollywood movies would be if there were more great Americans like Clint Eastwood making movies instead of the leftist snowflakes now running the industry.

  8. Jerry says:

    CLINT is an absolutely genuine awesome person!

  9. Three-Pound Sledge says:

    Several Military personnel come to mind:
    Jimmie Stewart
    Claude Akins
    Lee Marvin
    Ronald Reagan

  10. MikeMarkCA says:

    In all honesty if I were one of those three? I don’t think I could participate in acting out my own actions in a movie, just would seem too self agrandizing. I just wouldn’t be comfortable doing it. Hire an actor and I will offer advisement for authenticity.

  11. If Grand Borino is any indication, this movie will also be chock full of awful, wooden acting. Great.

    At least this story is a bit more interesting, albeit blatantly pandering.

    • You must be thinking of the wrong movie. Grand Torino pacing was great and built to a powerful conclusion. Understandably people with A.D.D might have trouble with any movie of this seriousness.

      • Tracy says:

        Understandably someone with no comprehension of the of the content of the original post would reply with a condescending remark, that totally excludes any mention of the subject of the original post, in a lame effort to appear intelligent. Epic fail.

      • Angus says:

        Yes it was an excellent movie. Kinda’ threw political correctness under the bus while humorously depicting an aging, cognizant, brave and reasonable man’s reaction to condescention by a well meaning family all of whom were half the person he still was. Loved his reaction to the super sized keypad phone and the high reach gripper gifts.

  12. Saul Korn says:

    Mr. Eastwood will just keep making block buster while the Follywood liberals fall all over themselves making PC movies.

  13. Might be interesting….I commend Clint.

  14. Rob says:

    Dear Clint:

    Please stop directing thrillers and action movies. You have no clue how to generate thrills or excitement.

    Movie Watchers

  15. Richard Baker says:

    “To Hell and Back” was the movie where Audie played himself. I enjoyed the movie even if they took a bit of license with his story. May he RIP.

  16. Richard Baker says:

    Good for Clint. Using these guys is a master stroke.

  17. HiPlainsDrifter says:

    gotta love clint. especially when he called obama the empty suit that he is…..

    appears cut from the same cloth as President Trump.

  18. Nolan Conley says:

    Good for Clint Eastwood… casting real soldiers is great and a great way to reward them for their service. I’ll go see it!

  19. schickeldorf says:

    Maybe you’d like to tell us what your specific complaints are. I didn’t notice much to gripe about.

  20. Michael Vincent says:

    Thank God for Clint Eastwood! What would we do without his movies. Dirty Harry, and the Cowboy films, etc. Keep on putting them out, can’t get enough. Bring on more.

  21. Racklefratz says:

    Someone needs to edit the article itself for “clarity”. This is one of the worst pieces of what passes for journalism these days I’ve ever read – some parts are totally unreadable and nonsensical.

    • Three-Pound Sledge says:

      Some people would complain if they were hanged with a new rope.

    • Richard Baker says:

      There are some folks who’ll complain even if they write the story.

      • abroad1 says:

        I guess that is how you rank how bored you are … 1- you read websites like this instead of going out and doing something worthwhile, 2- you look for faults in stupid places, like gossip pages online.
        I am guilty of being home with cats and a sprained ankle, and I am not complaining ..

    • schickeldorf says:

      Don’t know how you got such a burr under your saddle. I saw at most three sentences worth quibbling about — and at least one of those would have required real quibbling.

  22. Silvio Greco says:

    Well crap, I was keeping my fingers crossed for Samuel L. Jackson to be in it. Haven’t seen him in a movie forever.

  23. The movies that need to be made are the ones that will reveal to Americans the extraordinary feats of heroism and personal sacrifice by our Warfighters in Iraq & Afghanistan…many of which are at the levels of those we have come to know about in WWII.

  24. What a class act Clint is. God Bless him and God Bless all of our brave soldiers.

  25. LUIGI ARRIVATO says:

    GREAT MOVE by Mr. Eastwood! I will definitely be watching for the picture’s release

  26. YouDude60 says:

    It’s refreshing to have heroes featured in the movie based in reality.
    I’ve grown quite weary of seeing half the fare offered at the theaters consist of action heroes.
    It seems that heroism is meant to be the stuff of fiction, not a reality. And that’s such a cynical outlook.

  27. rytwinger says:

    Clint rocks, too bad most of Hollyweird sucks…..

  28. will says:

    Audie Murphy did something similar in the 50s look it up, very interesting story.

  29. hellinahandbasket says:

    Clint Eastwood {swoon} has ALWAYS been my Hollywood-SuperStar, as far back as the late 1960’s!
    Hollywood has a few REAL-MEN lurking in there among the malevolent narcissistic malcontents constantly throwing themselves at us like a bunch of desperate street-walkers.
    Eastwood, Gibson, Voight, just to name just a few have proven themselves to be stand-up guys (say what you want about Mel Gibson, at least he had the guts to tell the truth about who runs Hollywood – can’t say that about anyone else in that despicable crowd we call Hollywood, whose culture of dysfunction is on display almost daily).
    #MAGA … One Patriotic American at a time!

  30. guy mcdonald says:

    What? Allowing regular human beings to ‘appear’ in movie roles without all the cloying, phony baloney hoi paloi. Whudda thunk it…This is the next step to remove the Hollywood elite from their perches. First came animated films which are huge successes and employ NO on-screen actors…This may be the final nail in the coffin of actors who 100 years ago were not allowed to stay in nice or decent hotels because they were generally considered to be trash. Somehow, their most recent elevation to their current pedestal swapped their place with people who actually accomplished something in their lives.

  31. Simone Guerin says:

    You were there and saw events happen much differently than was told by those involved, passengers, authorities, etc.?

  32. MidwestNorsk says:

    Hollywood actors SUCK.

    This is the most logical move any director can make.

    • Simone Guerin says:

      Thankfully Clint’s movies usually do not.
      Try and be positive. This is an iconic director with proven talent/ track record.
      As certain Americans sometimes say: “Haters gonna hate.”

  33. Sam says:

    No mention of the 2 French passengers and train driver and Brit who also were involved, typical.

    • daviedave says:

      Typical what?

    • schickeldorf says:

      In the report of the incident that I read, one unknown French national who helped was mentioned. No mention of a second Frenchman being involved and no mention of a railway employee having a hand in the incident.

      The Brit who helped was Chris Norman — who, by his own account, first ducked down in his seat as the terrorist went by and later joined the three Americans as they subdued the gunman.

      Sounds to me as if Eastwood et al. are taking a reasonable and responsible approach to telling the story. Too bad if your feelings are hurt.

    • Simone Guerin says:

      Try watching the movie first before you spout such whiny rhetoric against a director who has always made films focusing on Americans as well as including other cultures.

      • Puntcunch says:

        France can make her own films then. Oh, that’s right. They do. And nobody cares.

  34. biff smith says:

    Got to pad the film out with irrelevances? Shame Clint.

  35. I can’t say how much class EASTWOOD HAS…..seems to be the Greatest of Talented and hard working …
    another actor in his class: REAGAN..

  36. JimmmyTheKnife says:

    Why do I feel that I am the one who will be benefitted by Clint producing us another movie? But I do.

  37. Good for you Clint. Idiots take notice. That includes all the effing sheep fools that think talent is a big fat nonsensical mouth full of bloated incoherent BS that we are subject to day in and day out. Bad movies and poor performance coupled with a failed career does not lend interest to your cause if there is one.

  38. Tracy says:

    I wonder will Eastwood cast a real baby instead of a doll like he did in American Sniper?

  39. DIRXT says:

    Any good director can direct an non-actor to be an actor.

  40. Marti Whitmore says:

    God bless Clint Eastwood.

  41. Johnnie says:

    I wonder why Hollywood lets Eastwood make movies when you consider how much Hollywood hates America and everything is stands for and Eastwood is a great American.

    • guy mcdonald says:

      Because he has the bucks, his films make money, and he is untouchable by the elitist Bollywoods…

  42. shane larson says:

    Though not movies. I have talked about with friends for a while now that Hollywood TV should hire vets who are disabled. Recently Clint Eastwood cast 3 Soldiers. My suggestion is to use us for bit parts or reoccurring roles that are not the main cast since most cant work long or often. I am sure lots of vets make enough off their disability. Example shows like Crime Procedural’s that need part players but are trying to cut costs so they don’t write in parts for spouses often…so why not use us. We would probably do it for cheep just to feel useful. Also the government needs more split shift jobs especially ones with clearances. Some vets can work and would be up for that and probably less of a security risk than some they have been hiring. Food for thought.

  43. gouckc says:

    I smell another Oscar for Eastwood!

  44. Mike Sanders says:

    A dying breed…

    • Robert M Haynes says:

      Unfortunately………….There’s heroes and legends……..Clint is the latter…….Doesn’t matter what you say now………Nobody will talk about you when you die. But Clint will be remembered for generations………..Go figure snowflake……

  45. Machiavelli76 says:

    I look forward to this film…something about this film..that says Clint Eastwood is still got a few tricks in his bag….

  46. canoga77 says:

    Wasn’t there a British businessmen who also helped subdue the terrorist? Is he going to be in this movie as well, or this just going to be another “Americans save Europe” propaganda film?

  47. Constance Underfoot says:

    Nice, and that will really reward them…. in a bunch of ways….blush.

  48. Ed Kountze says:

    Mr.Eastwood has been the people’s director,actor his entire career. A good piano player too, he made my day as a junior high football player by signing a picture from “PaintYour Wagon” for me telling me to “Go Get ’em on Saturday in Denver” and I caught my first touchdown pass I played so hard for Clint.

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