Cinefamily Suspends All Activities Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Steve Lucero/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Los Angeles independent film venue Cinefamily will “temporarily suspend” all activities, following allegations of sexual harassment that led to two high profile exits from the organization.

The suspension is intended to “allow for the investigation and necessary restructure of management and the board,” according to an announcement, which was written in a letter and posted to social media and the Cinefamily website.

“Recently, claims were made alleging improper behavior by one of more members of the organization,” the release reads. “The Board of Directors of The Cinefamily has no tolerance for any form of behavior that does not conform to the high standards demanded by our members and staff and that of common human decency.”

The news comes after an anonymous email was sent to many Cinefamily members on Monday, citing a 2014 harassment case against Cinefamily co-founder and executive director Hadrian Belove that ended in a settlement, as well as accusing Shadie Elnashai, vice president of the board of directors, of “raping multiple women.” Both Belove and Elnashai resigned on Tuesday.

Actress Brie Larson notably spoke out regarding the accusations. “The allegations at Cinefamily are upsetting to me personally, both as an advocate for sexual assault survivors and a member of the community,” she wrote on social media.

The letter announcing the temporary suspension also notes that the organization is bringing on “an independent third party,” Giles Miller at Lynx Insights & Investigations, to “conduct a thorough investigation into any alleged impropriety.”

Read the full announcement below: