The reviews are in, and “Dunkirk” may be Christopher Nolan’s best movie yet.

Variety‘s awards editor Kristopher Tapley called the director’s latest “the first slam-dunk Oscar contender of 2017”; chief film critic Peter Debruge praised it as “a bravura virtual-eyewitness account from multiple perspectives — one that fragments and then craftily interweaves events as seen from land, sea and air.”

But Nolan has a long line of lauded films that came before “Dunkirk,” going back to 1998’s “Following.” A couple of years later came “Memento,” cementing a base of loyal fans who turn out to the box office to solve his cinematic puzzles.

The director also made his mark in the comic book genre, introducing Christian Bale’s Batman in “Batman Begins” and following it up with the massively popular “The Dark Knight,” which won Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for his portrayal of the Joker. He completed the trilogy with “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012.

Nolan is just as well known, however, for his twisty-turny “Inception,” as well as science epic “Interstellar.” That’s all to say nothing of other films like “Insomnia” and “The Prestige,” which both have fans willing to sing their praises.

Which is your favorite? Weigh in below! (Variety has left “Dunkirk” out of this poll, as many audiences have not yet seen it.)

UPDATE: This poll has been closed, with “The Dark Knight” taking the top spot.