Universal’s ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ to Open February 2019 as Part of Studio’s ‘Dark Universe’

Universal's 'Bride of Frankenstein' To Open
Courtesy of Universal

Universal has dated “Bride of Frankenstein” for Feb. 14, 2019, with Bill Condon on board to direct.

The pic is the studio’s second entry in its newly announced “Dark Universe,” which kicks off with “The Mummy” — Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella — on June 9.

The studio has also announced a logo for the new initiative (pictured above). A musical theme for “Dark Universe” composed by Danny Elfman and will debut in theaters preceding “The Mummy.”


The Mummy Trailer

‘The Mummy’ New Trailer Shows More of Sofia Boutella’s Creepy Villain

The enterprise is relaunching Universal’s iconic characters into modern cinema. While “The Mummy” and “Bride of Frankenstein” are the only two films in the initiative to be dated, the studio is currently developing “The Invisible Man” with Johnny Depp set to star, and a “Frankenstein” film with Javier Bardem on board to play the classic monster. “Van Helsing” and “Creature From the Black Lagoon” films are also planned.

“Dark Universe” was begun by core creatives Alex Kurtzman, who serves as director and producer of “The Mummy,” and “The Mummy” producer Chris Morgan. Also joining the enterprise to inspire and entertain a new generation are such talents as Oscar winner Christopher McQuarrie and David Koepp.

As for “The Bride of Frankenstein,”Angelina Jolie had been linked to the project for some time but insiders say scheduling will play a factor on her starring in the pic’s title role.

“I’m very excited to bring a new Bride of Frankenstein to life on screen, particularly since James Whale’s original creation is still so potent,” stated Condon. “The Bride of Frankenstein remains the most iconic female monster in film history, and that’s a testament to Whale’s masterpiece—which endures as one of the greatest movies ever made.”

Dark Universe
The stars of Universal’s “Dark Universe” series: Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp, Sofia Boutella. Courtesy of Universal Pictures

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  1. Caligula says:

    no more Johnny Depp please! We all hated him at the end of Fantastic Beasts!!

  2. stevenkovacs says:

    Looking forward to upcoming ‘The Mummy’ (tracking 45M-50M opening) and ‘TBOF’, but, shouldn’t the Bardem redo of ‘Frankenstein’ open first??

  3. Am says:

    I think the new Mummy looks fine. I also would say Universal has got some powerhouse management these days. As a team, very well may be the best in the business at present with this little maneuver as evidence. The only thing I disagree with is the idea this ‘Dark Universe’ logo is going to play in front of all these films — it makes it feel like Uni is playing ‘keeping up w the Joneses’ with Marvel and DC, which is unfortunate, and, perhaps more to the point, unneccessary. Still, it looks like Universal is putting together another winner — nice throwback to old Hollywood at the same time.

  4. cameronwest says:

    Forgive me here if I’m mistaken but, how does it even make sense that this is coming out BEFORE Frankenstein? Now, I know that people incorrectly call the monster Frankenstein, even though it’s the doctors name…however…the bride of Frankenstein is also incorrectly referencing the fact that in the original movie the Bride is created FOR THE MONSTER, in order to appease him. So…again…how the F is this movie coming out first?! It doesn’t make any sense!!

  5. They’d do well to get Luke Evans back. Whatever was good or bad about Dracula Untold, He was great is a big talent and Charles Dance shouldn’t be wasted either.

    • willy wonka says:

      For his own good I hope he doesn’t come back. This whole concept seems cheesy and like DC, a copycat attempt at creating a Marvel superhero universe.

      • Ro says:

        Im a huge Marvel fan but DC has been making movies before and shows before Marvel capitalized on it. Though Marvel does it best. Also DC had characters that were originated first that Marvel copied (example… Deadpool was created after Deathstroke, Hawkeye was created after Green Arrow, Quicksilver was created after The Flash, Thanos after Darkseid, and so forth.

    • KB says:

      Oh yeah ! I loved Luke Evans as Dracula, and Charles Dance was awesome. I enjoyed Dracula Untold, so I would love to see Luke back as Dracula.

  6. Gary Berger says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Just stop it already, The Mummy will be bad enough

  7. ria says:

    please, for the love of all things horror, please leave the classics alone. there are no actors/actress of today who have what it takes to portray the monster from before. and you know, they movies are going to rely heavily on CGi and crap like that.

  8. Jas says:

    Why do they bother …if the rest of the movies look like the Cruise train wreck ….these will be in the Walmart $5 bin faster than you can say …will The Real Universal Monsters please stand up!!!

  9. Rick says:

    I’m not sure which part of this story I find more ridiculous. Putting out the Bride of Frankenstein before Frankenstein it anybody saying the original was “one of the greatest movies ever made”.

    Say no to drugs. Please.

    • cadavra says:

      If you’d actually seen “Bride of Frankenstein,” which you clearly haven’t, you’d never make such a foolish remark. Oh, wait, I forgot: You won’t watch anything in black-and-white and made before “Ghostbusters.”

      • cadavra says:

        The story is well enough known that it’s no longer necessary to go “in order.” Additionally, Universal has made no announcement, AFAIK, about even making the “original” story, so you’re assuming facts not in evidence.

        As for my remarks about millennials, I’m happy you’re an exception, but just within the last three months I have encountered people in their 20s who have never heard of Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro, Robert Redford and–I swear I’m not making this up–Jerry Seinfeld. So you’ll have to forgive me for making generalizations, but I didn’t just pull that out of my butt.

      • cameronwest says:

        “The movie starts as an immediate sequel to the events that concluded the earlier film, and is rooted in a subplot of the original Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein (1818).” That’s from Wikipedia about BrideOfFrank…so…again, how does it make sense that Bride is coming out BEFORE Frankenstein?

        And, yeah, you’re right…us millennials have never seen ANYTHING in black and white…it’s a wonder then why I own all of the classic Universal Monster movies on original VHS AND in a collectors edition Blu Ray…they must just be taking up space!

      • Gene in L.A. says:

        There’s nothing at all in Rick’s post that supports what you say about him. Your assumptions say more about you than about him.

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