Blade Runner 2049” has opened with $6.8 million in its first two days at the international box office and is on track for a launch weekend of $48 million to $52 million in foreign markets.

Sony disclosed the results, which came from launches on Wednesday and Thursday from about 60% of the marketplace overseas. “Blade Runner 2049” saw first-place launches in the U.K. with $1.1 million, Russia with $804,000, and Australia with $685,000. Germany opened with $516,000.

Sony and Alcon Entertainment financed the sequel, which carries a $150 million price tag. Warner Bros. is handling domestic distribution with projections for a $45 million opening weekend.

Sony said a start approaching $50 million internationally would put “Blade Runner 2049” in a similar position to “Gravity,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and “The Martian” — which all had strong reviews and staying power in foreign markets.

“We look forward to a long run internationally as a critically acclaimed blockbuster made for the big screen, with the added advantage of having little competition throughout October,” Sony said.

“Gravity” took in $449 million internationally during its run, while “The Martian” grossed $401 million overseas. “Mad Max: Fury Road” finished with a $224 million foreign total.

“Blade Runner 2049,” starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, was directed by Denis Villeneuve. It’s set in a dystopian Los Angeles in 2049, with Gosling starring as an LAPD officer tracking down illegal replicants.

The original “Blade Runner,” directed by Ridley Scott and starring Ford, was not a box office success when it launched to $32.9 million in 1982, but grew in stature and influence over the years. International business on that film was negligible.