Berlinale: Zentropa Spain, Neo Art Team for ‘Plague’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Mexico’s Cinema 226 and Belgium’s De Hofleveranciers co-produce

Berlinale -- 2017 -- Zentropa Spain,
Courtesy: David Matamoros

Zentropa Spain, part of Lars Von Trier’s roster of production companies, and Neo Art Producciones are set to produce “The Year of the Plague,” a “Stranger Things”’-style fantasy.

Neo Art is headed by Antonia Nava, whose producer credits include Brad Anderson’s “Transsiberian.” Filmax will handle distribution in Spain. Mexico’s Cinema 226, headed by Marco Antonio Salgado, and Belgium’s De Hofleveranciers, in its first cinema venture, are set to co-produce.

“Plague” is directed by Carlos Martín Ferrera (“Zulo,” “Suspicious Minds”). It kicks in when a man is phoned by the ex-girlfriend, still the love of his life, who says that everybody around her has begun to act as if they’d lost their feelings and memory.

“[It’s] an indie fantasy film with a subtle comedic tone,” said David Matamoros, who heads up Zentropa Spain.

Based on Marc Pastor’s Spanish bestseller, “Plague” is “the story of a man trying become a hero to regain the love of his ex,” Matamoros added.

“Plague” begins its Barcelona shoot in April,, then segues to Mexico.