Last year’s superhero spectacle “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was polarizing to say the least — while it was profitable at the box office, it was blasted by critics, earning a dismal 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ben Affleck, who played Batman in the movie, has heard fans’ complaints, many of which zeroed in on the film’s excessively dark tone and the writing. But in an interview with Empire, he revealed that he thinks such criticisms are “fair.”

“I can understand people saying [‘Batman V Superman’] was too dark, or this was outside the tone of what I’m used to seeing with a Batman story, and I think that’s a fair criticism,” Affleck said.

He added that much like “Wonder Woman,” the upcoming “Justice League” film will have a lighter tone. “Zack [Snyder] wanted to make a movie that was more fun, that was a little bit light, that wasn’t so encumbered with heavy melodrama,” he said. Affleck noted that the lighter approach to “Justice League” was planned in advance of “Batman v Superman’s” release and is not in response to the film’s criticisms.

The negative reviews to the superhero blockbuster even spawned a “sad Affleck” meme, which centered on a video which appeared to show the actor dejected as an interviewer brought up the criticism.

“Justice League” will be released on Nov. 17.