Andy Lau, star of “Infernal Affairs” and the recent “The Great Wall,” has been injured while filming in Thailand.

“Mr Andy Lau was shooting a commercial in Thailand on Jan. 17, 2017 when he had a little accident and fell off a horse, resulting in a pelvic laceration. A medical team took care of him and and everything is fine now Please do worry,” said a statement from Topman Global, one of Lau’s companies.

Hong Kong media first reported the story and have identified different degrees of injury. The South China Morning Post said that a horse that Lau (aka (Lau Tak-wah) had been riding, took fright, threw him and stepped on his back. The same paper also reported that Lau is to be flown back to Hong Kong Wednesday on a medical flight.

Lau is one of Hong Kong’s most successful actors and singers. HIs film credits include  Wong Kar-wai’s “Days of Being Wild,” the “Detective Dee” historical fantasies, “The House of Flying Daggers,” and The Warlords.” He is also known as one of the four “heavenly Kings” as one of Cantopop’s top make singing stars.