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One of the more offbeat titles selling at the American Film Market is the political science-fiction satire “Obamaland,” produced by Bergman Film Company, in association with Tomangie Films.

The company has been handing out red caps at the Loews Hotel with the satirical inscription “Make America Not Great Again” in hopes of enticing buyers to attend a Sunday screening in Santa Monica, Calif.

Set in the year 2040, the film explores the idea of an alternate future in which President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tragically fell from Trump Tower before Inauguration Day and created a scenario in which Barack Obama declares himself president for life, and remains president for another two decades.

“It’s time to laugh again,” said writer/producer Gregory Bergman. “The film is truly meant to be a political satire. Both sides have really gone off the deep end and ‘Obamaland’ is a reflection of that. There’s something for both sides of the aisle in this film and we know it will stir up controversy.  Maybe it’s time to ‘Make America not Great Again!’”

The story involves a ragtag group of patriotic “Trumpublikans” plot from an abandoned Applebee’s deep in the heartland to take their country back once and for all.

“That’s right — Obama is back,” the company promotional material said. “And guess what you so-called ‘real’ Americans? He’s more Muslim, more Communist, and even more Kenyan than ever before!”