Scanbox, a leading Nordic distributor who handles most high-profile U.S. releases in Scandinavia, is closing a five-picture deal with the Swedish banner Anagram Produktion in line with its strategy to ramp up its slate of local movies.

Martin Larsson’s “Becker — The King of Tingsryd,” a drama about a man’s downfall set in a Southern Swedish village, is the first film that will be released in the Scandinavian region by Scanbox under the pact.

Scanbox, with offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Göteborg, and Helsinki, handles approximately 20 theatrical releases per year and is aiming to distribute more local films and collaborate with up-and-coming Scandinavian talent and producers.

Scanbox recently teamed up with Swedish banner Atmo to co-produce the Sundance-winning pic “The Nile Hilton Incident” by Swedish-Egyptian helmer Tarik Saleh.

Scanbox, which is led by Joni Sighvatsson, Thor Sigurjonsson and Chris Briggs, already has ties with several local companies; Sigurjonsson, for instance, is a shareholder in Zik Zak Filmworks and Profile Pictures, which produced Fenar Ahmad’s hit thriller “Darkland.”

“Darkland” was released in Denmark by Scanbox on Jan. 19. and has taken in 135,000 admissions to date. The movie will soon roll out in the rest of Scandinavia. Scanbox will next work with Profile on Jens Dahl’s “3 Things,” starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, which will get a wide release in May.

In Finland, where former Finnish Film Institute exec Riina Liukkonen spearhead operations, the company has picked up distribution rights to three Finnish movies: “Starboys,” a family drama which will mark the feature debut of Visa Koiso-Kanttila; “Thick Lashes of Lauri Mantyvaara,” a romantic comedy helmed by newcomer Hannaleena Hauru and produced by Aamu Film Company (“The Happiest Day of the life of Olli Mäki”); and “Euthanizer,” a genre film produced by It’s Alive! Films and directed by Teemu Nikki, who earned a Jussi nomination (Finland’s highest film honor) for his script of “Lovemilla.”

Scanbox is set to release “Lovemilla” as part of slate deal recently signed with It’s Alive! Films.
All three pics are set for a 2017 release in the Nordics.

Scanbox’s 2018 distribution lineup of Finnish pics comprises Arto Halonen’s “The Guardian Angel,” an English-language psychological thriller with Danish actor Pilou Asbaek (“Game of Thrones”), and Mikko Kuparinen’s “White Hunger,” a period drama based on Aki Ollikainen’s acclaimed novel.

A strong purveyor of prestige English-language pics in Scandinavia, Scanbox recently released “Lion,” “Jackie,” “I, Daniel Blake,” “Hell or High Water,” and “Paterson.”