Ventana Sur: HBO Latino Picks Up U.S. on ‘My Love or My Passion’ (EXCLUSIVE)

After a batch of successful sales at AFM, Argentina's Film Sharks announced the deal for one Latin America's biggest successes of 2017

El fútbol o yo
Courtesy: FilmSharks Intl.

As the world builds towards what some would regard as the near pathology sparked by a soccer World Cup, Buenos Aires-based FilmSharks Int. has sold a movie which captures soccer madness, “My Love or My Passion,” to the U.S. to HBO Latino.

A blockbuster hit, in its native Argentina, the newest deal on “My Love or My Passion,” (the Spanish title of the film translates to “Football or Me”) adds to a bullish first batch of sales unveiled at the American Film Market, and which includes France (Koba Films), Spain (Festival Films) and China (Royal Seal). Greece (Tanweer), Central America (Weisner), and Chile, Peru and Colombia (Cinecolor).

At the time, Rud said that talks with a “major label” in the U.S. were “very advanced.” The now-finished deal grants exclusive U.S. pay TV and VOD rights to HBO Latino.

Film Sharks CEO Guido Rud told Variety: “This film is the perfect parody portrait of the Latin American or European housewife suffering a husband’s football addiction. It’s perfect timing for a worldwide release as the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia approaches.”

The film stars Adrián Suar as a recovering soccer-holic who has lost his job, his wife, and distanced himself from his daughters. “My Love or Passion” is already being distributed by Buena Vista in Latin America. Its Argentina premiere was in mid-August where it went on to become the second-highest grossing national movie of 2017, selling 1.1 million tickets (about $6 million in box office gross).

The continued international sales success of “My Love or My Passion,” is positive proof that, when handled correctly, the right comedy can travel.