Swipe Films has acquired U.K. and Ireland rights to Swiss filmmaker Rolando Colla’s “Seven Days” in one of the first deals announced at this year’s London Screenings, the British film market. The movie will get a September release in the U.K.

Film Republic scooped the world sales rights to “Seven Days,” except for Switzerland and Italy, ahead of the Zurich Film Festival last year, where the movie had a gala premiere. The film is a follow-up to Colla’s coming-of-age tale “Summer Games” and co-stars Alessia Barela from that movie. It follows a man in love with the best friend of his brother’s bride.

Frank Mannion of Swipe negotiated the deal with Xavier Henry-Rashid from London-based Film Republic. Mannion said that Swiss movies were finally coming in to their own.

“Harry Lime in ‘The Third Man’ famously said that 500 years of democracy and peace in Switzerland produced only the cuckoo clock,” Mannion said. “Suddenly, in the space of five months in 2017, Switzerland is blazing a trail in cinemas with the delightful Oscar-nominated ‘My Life as a Courgette’ and now the erotically charged ‘Seven Days.’ We are delighted to have acquired ‘Seven Days’ at the London Screenings.”

“Seven Days” is produced by Elena Pedrazzoli at Zurich-based Peacock Film, co-produced by Prato/Rome-based Emanuele Nespeca at Solaria Film, and associate-produced by Movimento Film, with the assistance of Paris’ Arsam Sarl.