Swedish distribution company NonStop Entertainment is launching a subscription-based VOD service powered by Distrify Media.

The VOD service, which will be powered by Distrify Media, will feature a library of 100 titles, including “Babadook,””Leviathan,””It Follows” and “20.000 Days on Earth.”

“Ever since I met CEO Andy Green back in 2013 and we’ve been a fan of Distrify and it is with great pleasure that we’ve now formed a cooperation to ultimately make all NonStop Entertainment releases available on our own platform and website as well,” said Jakob Abrahamsson, CEO of NonStop Entertainment.

Launched in 1998, NonStop Entertainment has been a pioneer of digital distribution, notably day-and-dating (theatrical/VOD) in Scandinavia with such films as “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,””The Summit” and “For Those in Peril.”

Last year, the company released Yi’nan Diaos’ noir thriller “Black Coal, Thin Ice” (pictured above) simultaneously in theaters, on VOD via SF-Anytime and on TV through SVT.

Distrify, meanwhile, is an online tools provider which has a database comprising millions of audience in more than 161 countries. Distrify’s clients include Europa Distribution, a vast network of European independent distribution companies.